Instagram Models Celebrate The 4th Of July, Cubs-Brewers Fan Fight Fireworks & George Washington Landing A Stone Cold Stunner

Anyone else exhausted this morning?

Observations and a full 4th of July report

  1. My body was torn up from the pool and preparation action this weekend. My shoulders are in worse shape from throwing footballs, pumping pool guns and throwing the kids into the deep end than playing 100+ holes of golf over four days. Seriously, now I need a vacation from the beating the kids put on me.
  2. I really need to have a full bathroom built in our laundry room off the patio. I keep saying it and these kids keep getting older to the point where the little one is officially too big to be peeing in the tall grass.
  3. Visitors continue to be amazed by the woodpile along the side of our yard. I’ve learned this summer that guys are powerless over a stacked cord of wood.
  4. Locals are triggered on Facebook over people putting out lawn chairs for a fireworks show. Hey losers, the last thing I want to be doing after a long day in the pool throwing passes to the kids off the diving board is to be carrying chairs down a 100 foot drop to the river’s edge and then carrying them back up an hour later when the fireworks are done.
  5. Facebook complainers are horrible people. Get outside and take a deep breath, losers.
  6. The ice cream truck guy’s timing couldn’t have been better.
  7. Our Mexican-American neighbors couldn’t have had better timing dropping off Fireball Jello shots to the dads at the ice cream truck. They’re simply great neighbors. Happiest people I know.
  8. It’s interesting to have my mother, who is visiting from Florida, say of July 4th, “There’s an older woman who just sat down on your patio.” Turns out a neighbor is caring for her sister who has dementia and the lady walked into our backyard and sat down. Shirley eventually went home and all was well.
  9. Ghirardelli hot peppers were a great addition to the condiment bar. So versatile. And hot.
  10. I’ve had enough of Pandora Kids Radio.
  11. My oldest son has officially graduated out of the smoke bomb stage. It’s time to get him something a little more intriguing to blow up.
  12. Injury report: One son with a slightly busted lip — minimal blood; youngest son busted in the mouth with a water gun on accident; a sparkler cherry burnt my hand; wife has tendinitis
  13. We received a huge dump of rain early this morning for our precious grass and flowers that desperately needed some of that organic liquid.
  14. Summer is forever undefeated. There’s just something about that perfect long summer weekend. It was fun.
  15. Rookies report to training camps starting July 18.

TNML grandchildren

• Roger C. writes:

Our Fourth of July was spent in Knoxville at our granddaughter’s first birthday. 

She’s been on Screencaps several times as you know as the first granddaughter. She likes classic country and steak like her G-daddy! No grass pictures from me until late fall as the heat and drought have destroyed my yard. Pictures also of the Boston butt my son-in-law smoked for us. Appreciate what you do for us daily!  God Bless the USA and Screencaps!

On Lake Erie

• Brian K. writes:

Aboard the Goodtime I near Sandusky, Ohio

The Byrds in 1971 & TNML origin

• Galen in TN writes:

The Byrds 1971 “One of America’s Great National Pastimes” lyrics… “One of America’s Great National Pastimes

is cutting the grass,

grabbing some ass,

living too fast.”

51 years later, I am thankfully still doing two of the three!

The most comfortable shirt you’ll ever own

• Adam W. writes:

Fathers Day shirt arrives. Walmart pool Activated!Great Screencaps today, thank you.  Time to blast Fortunate Son on repeat.

Happy 4th!!!!

Happy 4th from Grayton Beach FL

• Brett B. sent in the following photos:

What a performance this weekend from OutKick readers. You guys made my job easy by providing a snapshot of the holiday across this country. There are soulless websites who want nothing to do with allowing readers to show the real America. As I’ve stated multiple times, we have a duty to be the voice of the common man across this country.

Now let’s go out and have a productive day. I understand you’re physically and mentally a mess right now. Drink an extra coffee and get your head right. It’s back to work and yet another push towards another weekend.


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I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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