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Happy 4th of July

On the way back to the hotel after last night’s Savannah Bananas game in Akron, I told the kids they might not realize what they just saw, but down the road in life, they’re going to smile at what they just experienced.

Our neighborhood Collin Balester was on the bump last night for Savannah against the surging Party Animals and with that comes access to meet all the heroes my kids have come to know through YouTube. There’s the dancing umpire Vincent Chapman — incredible guy, kids love talking to him — and guys like Stilts that kids have to meet to comprehend just how high he is in the sky.

As you guys know, I’d done the Bananas experience in Savannah back in the spring, but it was a bucket list for the boys to get this experience. I know my 6-year-old might not remember much, but my nearly 11-year-old will be talking about this one for a long time.

Heading into this summer, that was one of my main goals. I’ve done a bunch of the unique experiences in sports. Now it’s time for the boys to come along and see what we can find out there across the United States.

The Bananas are in the books.

[Ed. note: I can’t believe Balester threw a first-pitch fastball to the first batter he faced. These guys sit dead red! The first pitch was a one-hopper off the left-center wall. SMH!

Up next: July 18-19 in Grand Rapids, MI for the ultimate two-day, mega kids Wiffle ball tournament I’ve had on my radar for a couple of years. This is the one where a mother and father throw the tournament for city kids to come play in their yard. I’m pretty sure everything is on them. The fun, the food, the ice cream. I want my boys to see this one.

Then, as I discussed with my wife on the way east to Akron, I think Williamsport is on the radar this year. I know Travel Ball Hardo Chris B. in Houston is going to be in my emails screaming about Little League refusing to move back its mounds, but I don’t care about that this summer. I want my kids to see other kids having fun with sports and being kids in a cool environment.

After that, who knows?

What’s next? Give me an event that should be on my radar.



Doug in Omaha writes:

Saw this outstanding outfit at our local Triple-A ball game tonight.  MERICA!

July 4th fireworks

• Chris A. writes:

I hereby propose to have fireworks on July 3rd so that we can all enjoy the July 4th holiday rather than relaxing in the sun all day, then dreading a late night with 5,000 of our closest friends watching fireworks.

Whatever the date, it should be fireworks the night before the holiday, then chill. We are doing a minor league game on the 3rd with a big fireworks show at the end, then sitting in chairs and watching the grass grow on the 4th. 

That’s it. I need to let the kids get in the pool and then get on the road back to northwest Ohio. No, we aren’t stopping at Cedar Point.

Have a great day. Don’t blow off any fingers and enjoy that lake time.

Take care.


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