Instagram Model Mikayla Demaiter Does Must-See Baywatch Impression In Mexico

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Retired hockey goalie/Instagram model/Morning Screencaps legend Mikayla Demaiter did her thing in Mexico this week. As you would expect the invasion was covered and got the proper mentioning it deserved.

As for Mikayla doing her thing, part of her thing in Mexico is to hit the beach in bikinis that are holding on for dear life. Another part of the thing, one that separates her from many, is to create content. Not just any content.

Mikayla decided to tackle a Baywatch impression. You know the one, the jog on the beach. She captioned the short video she shared on Twitter, “baywatch… take notes.”

Judging by the thousands of likes the video received, there were a few notes taken.

I know others have done the Baywatch thing. Some have even been fairly successful at recreating it. I also know Mikayla isn’t wearing the standard Baywatch red in her version. Do you take points off for that?

I think we can agree that Mikayla is great at making content

In many official scoring systems you do, but even so, this is about as good as a Baywatch impression gets. This is not amateur hour at the beach.

There’s a reason Mikayla makes so many appearances in Morning Screencaps. She’s a content machine and she’s great at what she does.

Call me old fashioned, but part of me is just happy to see the Baywatch thing is still a thing. Maybe I gave Mikayla a few extra points for that. I can acknowledge that as a possibility.

Hell, maybe she deserved a few extra points for keeping it a thing. I’ll leave that in the hands of people with a much more intimate knowledge of how these things are officially scored.

All I know is that I received the warning that she had gone to Mexico and kept my eyes open. It’s safe to say we haven’t seen the last of the internet’s favorite hockey goalie.

Written by Sean Joseph


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