Instagram Model Says She Was Hit With A Dress Code Violation At Disneyland

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Instagram model Laci Kay Somers knows how to get attention. She’s built a following of more than 12 million on the gram one attention-grabbing thirst trap at a time.

She’s also a Twitch streamer and singer with a presence on several other social media platforms. None of the other platforms has quite the following she has on Instagram. That doesn’t mean she isn’t able to get herself some attention from them.

Laci Kay Somers Disneyland
Social media influencer hit with dress code violation (Image Credit: Laci Kay Somers/TikTok)

Laci Kay took to her TikTok account recently, and the 790,000 plus followers she has there, to claim that she was hit with a dress code violation at Disneyland.

In the video, captioned “What I do tho?” she shows off the outfit she claims caused the violation. She does a quick spin in black leggings and a sports bra before trotting away from the camera.

Laci Kay Somers Is Used To Testing The Waters

Pushing the limits of dress codes is nothing new for Laci Kay. It’s part of her popularity. She does it regularly on social media.

So it makes sense that she would test those limits with Mickey and the gang. What doesn’t make sense is the video itself.

How was it made if she was hit with a dress code violation? Do they hit you with the violation then make sure you can make a video for social media before making you remedy the supposed violation at Disney?

The only violation I see is the fanny pack. I get they’re useful, especially when you’re rocking leggings, but they’re just one of those things I can’t believe are still around.

Even so, that’s not much of a violation either. Laci Kay is rocking it well and to be honest there isn’t much she can’t make look good.

I’m still calling BS on the dress code violation, but the video did its job and got her some well-deserved attention.

Written by Sean Joseph

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