Instagram Live Video Reveals Details About Deebo Samuel, AJ Brown Contract Talks

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Details about NFL contract talks typically don’t get out until the deal is signed. Anything that leaks out before that usually comes from anonymous sources on either side of the negotiating table.

Not this time.

Thanks to social media, we sometimes get a peek behind the curtain, and that’s what just happened in the talks between Deebo Samuel and the San Francisco 49ers and A.J. Brown and the Tennessee Titans.

During an Instagram Live broadcast by Precious Martin, who is Samuel’s stepmother, parts of a phone call between Samuel and Brown can be overheard. And Samuel’s characterization of that call to Martin can also be heard.

And at one point, Samuel tells Brown, “I have nothing, I ain’t got no offer.”

This runs counter to the public narrative that Samuel didn’t wish to engage with the 49ers and that’s the reason a deal is not in the works.

Since the conversation captured on this video, Samuel has asked to be traded. He has not publicly articulated the reasons he wants to be traded, although others have. But not getting an offer from the team obviously becomes a reason he wants out.

As to Brown, he’s arguably the second-best player on the Tennessee offense behind running back Derrick Henry. And he’s clearly a difference-maker, averaging 16.2 yards per reception the past three seasons while scoring an average of eight receiving touchdowns per season.

Those are elite receiver numbers and with the contracts of Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill increasing that market above $25 million, Brown is wanting and expecting an extension that is in the same ballpark.

But Brown told Samuel that’s not what the Titans intend to do.

“They told him they offered him $20 million, but they know he can get more,” Samuel relays to his family. “But they’re not giving him more.”

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  1. I find it interesting that these guys’ agents can’t simply look around the league at the salary cap situation for every team and just say “hey, look, there just aren’t that many teams that can afford to suddenly toss $25M/per at a WR right now. The ones that could already did. You need to play out your current contract and wait until next year.” It’s really not that tough.

    • The NFL teams side skip the salary cap by huge signing bonus. But they have to put all the fully guaranteed money in escrow account. So that’s why back when the raiders trade Mac they couldn’t put that money in escrow.

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