Instagram Ladies of the Super Bowl, Goodell Celebrates His Team’s Big Win & Eagles Fan Smashes His TV Over Heartbreaking Loss

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How are we feeling about that Super Bowl?

I’ll say this: The final 1:38 seconds or however long it was after the holding call was the most anti-climatic ending in Super Bowl history for a tie game. I didn’t lose any sleep over the call and I didn’t have thousands of dollars on the game like some people out there, so I didn’t care one way or the other.

Would it have been nice for Jackson Mahomes to suffer through another Super Bowl loss? Absolutely. Would it have been nice to stay up late watching Eagles fans destroy Philadelphia? YES! But I slept great and didn’t wake up thinking about the hold, or the Eagles punt coverage or the field being a skating rink.

I didn’t think the Super Bowl commercials were that memorable. I didn’t think the Fox broadcasting crew made any huge errors that will be talked about during the offseason.

Quick hitters:

• Jalen Hurts stepped on Jason Kelce’s foot on the final play. I know it’s easy to bash the guy today for that anti-climatic duck that fell at like the 25-yard line, but there’s a reason for that duck.

• I’ll give Mahomes credit for his football skills and for how he puts up with his family. The guy has incredible patience. Did you watch the Mahomes family parade around on the slipper turf after the game going from set to set? They don’t ever let him get too far out of their sight.

• It felt like the NFL Primetime guys were running out of questions to ask Mahomes and Andy Reid during the post-game show. Maybe I’ve just never paid attention in the past, but it felt like the winning team stars spent a crazy amount of time talking to ESPN and NFL Network after the game.

• It was pretty weird to have my birthday on Super Bowl Sunday after years of it falling on NBA All-Star Weekend and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue week. Because of leap years, my birthday won’t fall on Super Bowl Sunday again until 2034, if the NFL keeps the Super Bowl on the second Sunday in February.

• Tony C. writes:

Well even on that slippery field as Greg Olson said someone, “Put his foot in the ground” and won.

Have a great Monday and why don’t we move “Presidents Day” to the Monday after the Super Bowl so we can all enjoy it equally?!! It’s a national holiday.


My only thing about Presidents Day is that outside of government jobs, who actually has Presidents Day off work? Not many of us.

• Bryan H. writes:

Greetings from the Tri-Cities area of northeast Tennessee (Kingsport/Bristol/Johnson City  —  yes, that Johnson City of Wagon Wheel fame as well as 70s/80s requisite concert stop and Bristol of NASCAR’s Bristol Motor Speedway). 

Our state legislators have finally come to their senses and proposed a new holiday, Super Bowl Monday.  Hopefully, this will pass and be the impetus for what becomes a nationwide movement fueled by the Screencaps community.  So go ahead and get those cards and letters ready to send to your local/state representatives.

Thanks for all you do to bring some semblance of sanity to our day.


Again, is this benefitting anyone outside government workers? I’d love to hear from business owners out there who are currently closing for business on Presidents Day or the day after the Super Bowl.


• Tim G. writes:

I was watching the post game hoping for a Gracie Hunt sighting. Came up empty. How did her content machine not get her on the final stage?


That stage is only big enough for Gracie’s mom, dad, Andy Reid and his wife. I have to believe Gracie was told this time she had to back off.

I’ve been laying low with my Gracie opinions, but it really feels like she’s trying way too hard to be an NFL executive and the “NFL heiress” headline thing I’ve been using for years is going to her head. She literally went every single place her mother went besides that stage to get the trophy from Terry Bradshaw.

Gracie, we get it, you’ll one day have your hands on the franchise, but your dad is 57, and he’s not going anywhere for a very, very long time. Chill a little bit.

Super Bowl snack stadium!

• Dom Z. in Scottsdale, AZ was ready for the big game:

Made it myself. Prototype. Not as elaborate as some that I’ve seen, it’s a nice little college stadium. With a nod to SBIII.

Camera awareness

• John C. in Milford, MI writes:

Okay Joe, check out the Hoosiers fan running the covert op in the Wolverine student section at the game tonight. Dude has great camera awareness. You couldn’t have staged that for TV better had you tried.

Will mortgage rates fall below 5%?

• Economist Jared P. is back with words of wisdom for Indy Daryl:

I saw the question from Indy Daryl and wanted to provide an answer. Feel free to use or discard. Blessings. 

I think it is wise you crowdsourced the question. While I hope my education and professional experience should give me insight, any projection about the future is at best an educated guess and no one source has enough knowledge to make consistent accurate future predictions.   

I expect 30-year fixed mortgage rates to fall below 5% in the future for two reasons. First, mortgage rates have been generally declining since they peaked in 1981 (see here), just as most other interest rates have. Second, even though the Federal Reserve has increased its benchmark interest rate (i.e., the federal funds rate) by 1.5 percentage points since November, mortgage rates peaked in late October/early November of 2022 and have been declining since then.

This decline in mortgage rates is occurring even though the financial markets expect the Federal Reserve to increase its benchmark rate more in 2023. What I cannot answer is when the 30 year fixed mortgage rate will fall under 5%. The last time they were under 5% was April 2022. However, the 30 year fixed mortgage rate hadn’t been above 5% since April 2010 before the latest spike. This history gives me confidence that 5% mortgage rates will return, though it may not be until late 2023 at the earliest. 

(2) Real estate markets are local so guessing local trends is a fool’s errand. However, national real estate prices have declined since June (see here), and some areas (e.g., Phoenix) have seen significant decline in real estate prices. These declines will probably continue in the short-term, with larger declines in areas that saw the most run-up. I am bullish on long-term increases in real estate prices because of the severe imbalance between housing supply and demand. As long as the demand for housing continues to outstrip the supply of housing, prices will rise over time. 

If you are interested in why nominal interest rates have declined over time, here are two reasons. First, interest rates in general have fallen during this time because of demographic and productivity changes. For example, longer life expectancies increase the need to save in order to consume at later stages of life and slowdowns in productivity decrease the desire for business investment, also pushing interest rates lower. Second, inflation expectations have fallen over this 40-year period.

Since the nominal interest rate accounts for expected inflation, if expected inflation is falling, so will nominal interest rates. Even though inflation has been higher since March 2021, the financial markets expect inflation to fall to around 2.5% soon.  You can see this in the 5-year breakeven inflation rate (see here), which shows the market’s expected inflation rate over the next five years, and in the 5-year, 5-year forward inflation expectation rate (see here), which shows the market’s expected inflation rate starting five years from today. 


In a Screencaps first, I had the Linkedin crew weigh in on this question. That’s right, even on the weekend, Screencaps readers were right in there providing advice for Indy Daryl. What a community!

I have 80 emails for Andy in Knoxville who needs advice on business travel in 2023

The emails will be forwarded to Andy and I’ll grab a few of the best and publish them this week. I’m sure Andy isn’t the only one hitting the road this year. You guys absolutely delivered the goods this weekend with these emails.

Odds & ends from a spot in Ohio I’ve never heard of

• Kevin S. in Toboso, Ohio writes:

I appreciate your unique perspective on all thing normal and calling out the lib libs abnormal. It is a welcome relief to the mainstream media cabal.

1. I am a teacher who also farms. I’d like to see some screencap farmers in action. Real men and women who feed our country Doing Hard Things. 

2. You ever shoot a recurve? Inviting you to come and shoot with my group this summer. (Near Apple Valley Lake) I will bring a recurve, arrows and all you need. You just need a positive attitude, have some good jokes and not take it too seriously if you struggle at first.  Plus there is a great pub with amazing burgers and fish bowl beers. Can’t beat it on a Tuesday night in June.

3. How about some screencap wildgame recipes? Venison loin negimaki doesnt last long with my four kids.

4. Lastly we had to put our beloved dog Louie down earlier this year. Sucked big time. He was a loyal friend and watched over my stay-at-home wife for 10 years. Louie never left her side. How about some screencap shots of guys and gals with their dogs. Sorry no cats because they remind me of uptight lib women who only want petted if it benefits them. 

Kinsey: Here I thought I had heard of pretty much every town and school district in Ohio. Then Kevin S. comes along and stumps me.

I’m all for trying to shoot a recurve bow, but my problem with Tuesdays in June is that we’re talking about prime baseball season, Kevin. I’ll have two boys with multiple practices and multiple games. I’ll have to get their schedule first.

Firewood delivery from Pienza, Italy & lunch in Montepulciano, Italy on the T patio

• Mike T. was out and about this weekend:

That’s it for this morning. It’s time to get after it on yet another bright sunny day. Guys, I spent part of my Sunday on the patio listening to music and the birds chirping. IN FEBRUARY! It was absolutely fantastic.

Go have an incredible day and shake off that holding call.


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