Innocent Until Proven Guilty: Alabama Man Arrested For Stealing Bleachers

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A Mobile, Alabama man was arrested this week after officers spotted him dragging “a large set of stadium bleachers” through town with the help of his four-door sedan.

Michael McClellan, 60, was charged with first-degree theft of property by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office after being stopped at 12:22 Wednesday afternoon. “It was just an unusual circumstance, police stopped him and determined he didn’t have permission to take them,” Mobile Police Department Cpl. Katrina Frazier told Lagniappe Mobile.

Alabama man steals bleachers
Michael McClellan is accused of stealing bleachers / WKRG / Mobile Police Department

A Mobile parks department spokesman told the outlet that the bleachers had been relocated from a local park to an area where workers were preparing for a Martin Luther King Jr. parade. Workers watched McClellan take off with the bleachers and called the cops.

Stealing aluminum bleachers isn’t a new phenomenon. Google Search is littered with people stealing bleachers to scrap. But hooking up the bleachers to the back of a four-door beater and dragging them down the street is a whole different animal.

If you think this is impressive, don’t forget about the Florida man in 2020 who strapped a massive light pole to the top of his Toyota Camry.

via Florida Highway Patrol
via Florida Highway Patrol

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