Infrastructure Bill: Here’s What Congress Is Spending Your Tax Money On

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The $1 trillion infrastructure bill under debate by the U.S. Senate includes a provision that directs U.S. regulators to require technology that would prevent intoxicated drivers from starting vehicles, among many other things.

The draft of the bill, which is 2,702 pages long, seems to address more than just America’s infrastructure needs. A Twitter user began going through the draft and highlighted some of the key finds, starting with a $250 million plan to remove an invasive plant species.

Studies on how to tax Americans for driving and studies on people hitting deer:

Claremont Institute’s Nick Short reports that buried within the bill is a pilot program for a national motor vehicle per-mile user fee, which is basically a long-term plan to make it expensive to drive a car.

There’s $50 million for the Orwellian-named “Centers of Excellence” and upgrades to Amtrak over in Canada.

Next, there’s combatting human trafficking (which is the first thing outside actual infrastructure that’s worth funding in this behemoth), and ensuring equality of outcome [read: Marxism] in the trucking industry!

After a brief discussion on the lack of representation of women truck drivers in the industry, a section that wants to mandate “driving prevention technology” in vehicles to measure drunk or impaired driving follows.

This is followed by a section on weed and boating.

This is then followed by a section for $2.5 billion in green-energy handouts and the Digital Equity Act of 2021:

Then, $5 billion for electric vehicles and $250 million for electric ferries.

… and $16 billion for renewable energy programs.

Billions more:

While there is still more to uncover in the massive document, one Senator is clearly ready to keep reading.

Sen. Josh Hawley tweeted: “Now gender identity is infrastructure. Can’t wait to see what else is in this bill.”

Written by Megan Turner

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  1. No surprise here. While studying in law school and my LLM we had to hit the congressional records quite hard. The amount of pork barrel and superfluous items in bills is alarming to say the least. There are set asides in just about every bill that comes out of congress that have absolutely nothing to do with the primary reason for the bill in the first place. Interesting stuff for sure.

  2. If Republicans truly cared they’d make BIG LOUD scenes over such insane proposals and get HARSH in the rhetoric about Democrats behaving like traitors. Say it out loud! We’ve got major problems and they’re useless. I’m afraid they don’t care. All they do is go on Fox and yap; doing nothing.

    Republicans will get outraged if their supporters get upset and aren’t polite at a rally in DC, while happily shaking hands with jihadi-level Democrats who want to eliminate our civil rights over a shot and refuse to protect our borders from being overrun. It’s Hypocritical. Republicans are like people aboard a sinking ship who are more worried about flagging down the waiter to complain about the salad fork and wine glass not positioned properly on the dining table.

  3. We all need to be contacting our Senators and Representatives to vote against this bill. And to make sure the public knows exactly WHY they voted against it. Draft a bill that ONLY includes money for improving actual infrastructure, and present that as a viable alternative.

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