Influencer Wears See-Through Bodysuit To Holiday Party

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It’s holiday party season and for some that means an opportunity to make a fashion statement. Social media influencers are high on the list of people who like taking advantage of such opportunities.

Roan McLean is one such influencer. A video of her getting ready for a holiday party has reached far more than her over 153,000 TikTok followers. Her decision to go with a see-through bodysuit with nothing but a bra and thong on underneath has more than a million views.

Influencer Wears See-Through Bodysuit To Holiday Party
Influencer wears see-through outfit to party (Image Credit: Roan McLean/TikTok)

In the video McLean invites her followers to get ready with her as she picks an outfit to wear to a holiday party. The digital creator says, “Get ready with me for a holiday party.”

“I’m going to be styling this completely sheer catsuit from Victoria’s Secret. I think I’m gonna do this Black Victoria’s Secret bra and black thong panty underneath. It’s just so flattering I can’t.”

McLean tries to add a skirt and a solid black bodysuit to her “scandalous” outfit, but ultimately decides to be scandalous.

Not too scandalous though, let’s not be ridiculous. She showed some respect for the holiday season by adding a long coat and jewelry to her lingerie heavy look.

What Would You Expect An Influencer To Wear?

As you might expect the daring holiday outfit brought out the self-appointed fashion police in the comments. They, for whatever reason, felt the need to call out the look.

Look I’m not wearing that outfit to a holiday party, but I’m not going to tell anyone else they can’t. My only concern would be warmth. It’s December and that coat doesn’t look thick enough to keep the cold air from making it’s way to some exposed skin.

People need to relax. She didn’t attend an elementary school holiday party in this outfit. She wore it to an influencer holiday event. For that she could have probably left the bra and thong at home.

Written by Sean Joseph


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