Influencer Has Advice For Ladies With Small Boobs, Get A Big Boobed Best Friend

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Social media influencer Mika Lafuente hasn’t been creating content for very long, but she’s already figured out a successful formula for attracting eyeballs. That formula often involves the Argentinian modeling or dancing in a bikini.

The relative newcomer to the influencing game has built up a huge following across multiple platforms in less than two years. She has almost 480,000 followers on Instagram and more than 720,000 on TikTok, where her videos get million of views.

Social media influencer Mika Lafuente
Influencer shares some advice with her TikTok followers (Image Credit: Mika Lafuente/TikTok)

It doesn’t take long to figure out why Mika’s formula is so successful. She’s put in the reps and has tweaked the formula to the point that you don’t watch one of her videos just once.

She uses the hashtag fake body frequently. In her latest “fake body” effort, Mika offers up some advice for the ladies out there with small boobs. People seem to be taking the video to heart. It’s been viewed almost six million times and has more than 500,000 likes.

The video is captioned, “Complementary opposites” and includes the text overlay “Every small boobed girl needs a big boobed bestie.” Mika then walks off screen and waves her friend into the shot.

Mika Might Have Proven Her Own Influencer Advice Wrong

That sounds like solid advice. However, the video seems to have confused many of the people who have watched it. The confusion has almost nothing to do with the advice Mika shared about having a well-endowed best friend.

The confusion has more to do with what might be classified as Mika’s own gift. The gift of a noticeably disproportionate backside.

One commenter pointed out, “Girl it was still in the frame when u weren’t.”

Others suggest that the gift might actually be the product of some sort of surgical enhancement. One comment read, “Ain’t no way that ain’t a bbl.”

“I need that tik tok plastic surgeon to confirm if it’s real or not lmaooo,” another added.

Real or not, the advice that she’s handing out doesn’t appear to apply to her. Mika is receiving a lot more attention from this clip than her bustier best friend is. There’s enough internet out there for everyone.

Written by Sean Joseph

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