Influencer Gets Trolled After Undergoing Toe-Shortening Surgery

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A social media influencer by the name of Athena decided to buy herself a Christmas gift this year. What does the influencer that has everything get herself for Christmas? She gets an elective surgery of course.

Athena didn’t get one of the more common elective surgeries you think of when you think about the world of influencing. She had toe-shortening surgery. That’s right, her toes were one of her insecurities and she had them taken care of.

Being that she is an influencer she decided to share her toe-shortening journey with her following on TikTok. Three weeks after the procedure she posted an update on the healing process while explaining her decision to get her toes shortened.

Influencer Athena Gets Trolled After Undergoing Toe-Shortening Surgery

“My toes were a big insecurity for me for as long as I could remember,” Athena said. “So I decided to gift myself this Christmas a new set of toes.”

“I’m so happy with the results. Best decision I could’ve taken. If you have struggled with your feet before, you know the feeling.”

Dealing With Trolls Has To Be One Of The Worst Things About Being An Influencer

The trolls that showed up in the comment section weren’t nearly as impressed with Athena’s new toes. There were comparisons to gremlins and cavemen made, while others were confused by the whole situation.

One troll commented on her new toes, “Now you got gremlin feet.”

“Soooo they from hot dogs to smokies,” another asked.

“They looked better before it balanced out wide feet now it just looks like cavemen feet,” said a third.

Athena shared more videos as the healing process continued and in one of those videos she addressed the trolls directly. She said, “To all the internet hating trolls: I’m playing the tiniest violin for y’all.”

“I’ll see you when my healing process is complete. Make sure you follow me & my doc @jawspodiatry. REMEMBER nobody is ugly just broke.”

Influencer Athena Gets Trolled After Undergoing Toe-Shortening Surgery

We’ve reached the point that influencers are literally having procedures done from head to toe. Which, for the record, is fine with me. I’m a do what you want kind of guy in general. Athena seems to be happy with the procedure, so good for her.

That said, she had to expect that the trolls were going to roast her for this. I mean, how much free time does a person have to figure out what body parts of theirs they don’t like?

Not to mention the fact that her feet do kind of look like cavemen feet now. If that’s the look they were going for with the surgery then they nailed it. Happy influencing Athena, until the next procedure.

Written by Sean Joseph

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