Inflation or Pepperonis? Little Caesars Raises Prices for Hot-N-Ready

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Unfortunately, Little Caesars says it has raised the price of its Hot-N-Ready pizza above $5 for the first time in 25 years. Little Caesars, America’s third-largest pizza chain at the time of the price hike, will now charge $5.55 for a Hot-N-Ready pizza, an 11% increase.

So who’s to blame? There’s a fair argument that President Joe Biden is, as the Daily Wire first suggested. It’s natural that Little Caesars would raise the price of its pizzas in response to inflation. Inflation has caused a spike in prices for products of all kinds.

However, Little Caesars claims it’s bulletproof from inflation and yet has still raised its prices. Little Caesars says the mandatory $0.55 hike comes with 3% more pepperoni. Worth it? I hope so.

“Our franchisees were highly accepting of this proposition. They want to treat their customers like gold and make sure they get the best product possible and they love the idea of more pepperoni,” Little Caesars CEO Dave Scrivano told Fortune.

“We think we’ve got something good here with delivery and our Pizza Portal and our Hot-N-Ready pizza. We’ve got a good structure to really drive overall growth.”

There you have it: pepperoni or inflation. You decide, you buy.

Written by Bobby Burack

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