IndyStar’s 10-Year-Old Abortion Story Collapses: Clay Travis


A story first published in the Indianapolis Star about a 10-year-old rape victim who was forced to cross state lines to get a lifesaving abortion is collapsing.

“It is a completely made-up story that received a tremendous amount of oxygen from CNN, MSNBC and Joe Biden himself,” OutKick founder Clay Travis said.


Here’s everything Clay had to say on OutKick the Show:

Written by OutKick Flash


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  1. I was a big fan of yours until this. You have turned into Alex Jones-esque conspiracy theory loser. Much like he helped push the denial of Sandy Hook you are pushing the denial of a 10 year old rape victim. You really are a POS. EVEN THE GUY YOU CITED ON YOUR RADIO SHOW ADMITS IT HAPPENED. If you don’t back track your statements you’re just as bad as the pedo.

  2. You’ll never admit you were wrong. Your sickening level of conclusion jumping and ratings grabbing shock commentary is a low point for you.

    Instead you will deflect and redirect the conversation to “well look he was an illegal immigrant. He should have never been here!!”. I can hear it now. You’d be right and no he shouldn’t have been here. The people that listen to you will quickly forget that you disregarded a 10 year old girl for your ratings instead of waiting until the story had more merited information and talking about it responsibly. Because that’s what current day shock media personas do.

    Thank you for contributing to my distrust of media of any kind.

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