Indians Name Change Won’t Happen Before 2022 Season

The Cleveland Indians are changing their nickname after 105 years. They just won’t do it this year.

According to a Monday release from the team, the process on a name change has begun. After what the organization called “an extensive process to learn how our team name affected different constituencies,” it determined that it will come up with a “new, non-Native American based name.”

The New York Times reported Sunday night that Cleveland has been “internally discussing” a possible name change for several months, or as the team statement read, “since July.”

The Indians were formed in 1894, when they called Grand Rapids, Mich., home and went by the nickname the “Rustlers.” They moved to Cleveland in 1900, when they were known as the “Lake Shores.” After a stint as the “Spiders,” they became the “Indians” in 1915.

They last won a World Series in 1948 though, so it’s not like a name change is going to make people forget a long history of success.

“While Indians will always be a part of our history, it’s time to move forward and work to unify our fans and stakeholders and fans through a new name,” team owner Paul Dolan said.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. If the Cleveland Indians change their name back to the Cleveland Spiders, the Atlanta Braves might seriously consider changing their name back to their 1901-1965 AA team name: the Atlanta Crackers. Or the Negro American League affiliate, the Atlanta Black Crackers.

  2. we are only steps away from slipping and falling down the sports entertainment staircase. and its one of those long southern plantation mansion staircases two/3 stories tall and with winding turns.

    -soon old washed up athletes like me can compete with college women in sports.

    No lie, my neighbor, Robin Ficker in Potomac MD, used to set up relay races on his back yard track with each runner staggard based on age and sex.

    his daughter was fast for a teenage girl and another neighbor was college aged and a long distance runner. i was an early twenties very fast college drop out. we were on different teams and our start position was staggard. it was brilliant, but today it would sexist and agist and maybe racist too. 😜

  3. From 1903 to 1914, they were the Cleveland Naps – a reference to their star player, Nap Lajoie. Before that they were the Bronchos in 1902 and the Blues in 1901. After Lajoie left in 1915, the team name became Indians.

    They were never the Spiders, Rustlers, or Lake Shores. Those names refer to an unrelated Cleveland National league team.

    Honestly, it’s Chief Wahoo more than anything that led to this. That wasn’t exactly the logo in the best taste. Now, if the team would become the Lindors, do you think he would stay?

  4. Next up – Cleveland Browns. I know the owner of the team but straight up how racist is that one. How about the Cowboys? That shit is out of this world Indian killing machines. A lot of cleaning up do gang. KC Chiefs. No. QB is 1/2 black that one stays – sorry Chico.
    Blackhawks – gone.
    Braves – gone.
    New names.
    Cleveland Sambos.
    Chicago Colored.
    Atlanta Negritas.
    Dallas Native Killers.
    Solved Dog.

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