Indian Boy Bites Back, Kills Cobra

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An 8-year-old Indian boy is a worldwide viral superstar after fighting back against a venomous snake with bad intentions.

The boy, named Deepak, told local reporters that he was attacked by a cobra while playing in his yard and it was a life or death situation as the snake wrapped itself around his hand, which led him no choice but to fight back.

Deepak knew he was in bad shape. His village of Pandarpadh is in the Jashpur district and the area is known as “Naglok” — abode of serpents — because there are supposedly 200 species of snakes in the region.

You’re damn right he went into fight mode.

Indiana boy kills cobra by biting it
8-year-old Indian boy Deepak says a cobra attacked him, but he fought back and killed it. / New Indian Express / Getty Images

Left no choice, Deepak says he chomped down on the snake until it let go.

“The snake got wrapped around my hand and bit me. I was in great pain. As the reptile didn’t budge when I tried to shake it off, I bit it hard twice. It all happened in a flash,” the boy told reporters.

The boy was quickly taken to a health clinic where he was given an anti-snake venom that worked its magic. Snake experts believe the cobra didn’t release any venom which made for a quick recovery.

As for the snake, it was a goner. Dead.

Now, this is such a better outcome than what happened to the Indonesian grandmother who was swallowed by a 22-foot-long python. The animal rights activists will slide into my Instagram DMs to say I’m a scumbag for celebrating the death of that cobra from the comfort of a 2200 sq. ft. condo while dogs lick peanut butter off their feet.

This is nature. This is India and Indonesia. It’s an eat-or-be-eaten world.

Things happen. Grandmothers are swallowed up by pythons. 8-year-old boys bite cobras until they die. Folks, it’s not like the world just started going through these moments. Do you think little 8-year-old boys in 1222 AD allowed cobras to kill them? Hell no. They chomped down on those bastards until they killed them and then drank the blood and went off to kill thousands of villagers. We’re talking about medieval Indian history here.

A quick Google search finds that Cobra venom can kill a human in 15 minutes and drop a full-grown elephant in a few hours.

India snakebite stats
India suffers an insane number of snakebite deaths each year. / The Daily Beast

Stop and think about life in the abode of serpents. One minute you’re a kid building dirt castles and the next minute you’re in a battle for your life with a snake.

Let this sink in and remember it the next time you think life is over if you don’t get enough Likes on an Instagram post. Life will go on. It won’t if one of these crazy bastard snakes decides it’s your time to die.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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