Incredibly Rare Johnny Manziel ‘F**k Rovell’ Autographed Leaf Card Hits eBay (Update)

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The last thing I want to do is give Karen Rovell attention twice in one day, but here we are. The guy who loves to be dunked on got attention all morning for his take on Jack Nicklaus endorsing Donald Trump, and now we have news that a 2020 Leaf Inscriptions autographed Johnny Manziel ‘F Rovell’ card has hit eBay.

You might remember way back in 2013 when Rovell started sniffing around the autographed memorabilia market and discovered the unpaid Texas A&M quarterback was making money hustling his signature. Karen’s exposé put pressure on the NCAA and A&M to punish the Heisman Trophy winner. They listened. Manziel was suspended for the first half of the 2013 opener against Rice. Johnny Football returned in the second half and went 6 of 8 for 94 yards and three touchdowns.

Manziel hasn’t forgotten and never misses a chance to take shots at his enemy, including the August 5, 2020 tweet in which Johnny wrote, “seven years later and you’re still as big of a bitch as ever.”

I have my bid in on the ‘F Rovell’ card. $69 firm. Take it or leave it.

Hopefully, this is the last time we have to blog about Rovell for the foreseeable future. Many of you guys want us to quit giving this troll attention, but we have a civic internet duty to respond whenever snowflakes like Rovell start dipping into politics and try to ruin athletic careers. Someone has to fight back, and OutKick is up for the battle.

Update: I received an email from eBay saying the seller accepted an offer of $1,200 for the card.

F Rovell card $1,200


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