Incredible Bulk’s Latest Hateable Moment

Bryson DeChambeau’s latest hateable moment came during today’s round at the Northern Trust when he had words for someone off-camera who caught the wrath of the Incredible Bulk. “Do you mind talking a little quieter over there, please? I can hear you from all the way over there, sound travels,” he said as he walked to the 7th green.

Even through nine holes as I type this, Bulk made par at the par 5 7th. You have to believe Bulk wasn’t in the mood for some chitter-chatter as he pitched his fourth shot. I fully expected this to be an eagle pitch, but Bulk’s just struggling out there today.

It’s normally a rules official or fire ants catching a protein shake rage from the 8th ranked player in the world. I’ll give the PGA full credit — they have a hateable character and that’s exactly what the sport needs. Bryson’s hateablility (is that a word?) makes him a must-watch no matter how bad Twitter nerds want to act like he’s the worst.

Trust me, there’s a PGA executive somewhere out there hoping for Bulk to rage fight Brooks Koepka on a Sunday. Or at least get in each other’s face at No. 16 as they come home in the final group.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Bryson is an incredible Refreshing talent. Not since John Daley has golf had a more interesting personality. Ridiculing his physique is so shallow. How about Ruth? You have joined the herd piling on. What makes Outkick worth following is it’s unique intelligent slant on sport figures. Your comments are quite boorish.

  2. I think we all wanted to like this guy so much. His decision to get jacked and just try and hit the ball as far as he could was every casual golf fan’s idea of an awesome strategy. But his attitude just makes it impossible. All of these interactions, plus scolding a camera man about “protecting his brand” and not being able to take a joke with other golfers ends up taking him from hero to villain territory.

  3. It’s golf LOL is it even a sport i play once in awhile and its fun but come on man and the greatest of all time Jack Nicklaus looked like a regular dude don’t know if he ever entered a gym 18 majors which will probably never be broken.

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