In Tragic News, Bicep Legend Brazilian Hulk, Who Loved Synthol Injections, Is Dead

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The synthol injection bodybuilding underworld was rocked Tuesday over news that TikTok legend Valdir Segato, whose guns were fueled by a dangerous concoction of oil, alcohol, and painkillers, died of a heart attack in Brazil.

Segato, who racked up 1.6 million TikTok followers who were intrigued by his bulging biceps and pecs which sometimes served as a table for his coffee cup, died on his birthday and was 55, according to media reports that reference a heart attack as a cause of death.

“It was around 6 am, more or less. He came crawling through the back house and came to the front,” Segato’s neighbor told a Brazilian news outlet.

“Then he knocked on my mother’s window, knocked, knocked, then she woke up and he said ‘help me, help me because I’m dying’.

“They put him in the car and then the neighbor went to the UPA. He arrived at the UPA, he fell at the reception, having a heart attack. I think he had a heart attack.”

Even after multiple warnings that synthol injections were clearly not a smart move, Segato was too deep into the business. His biceps grew to 23-inches and the followers just kept coming for more bicep content. Even after a warning that the oil could lead to amputation, Segato kept going.

He was married to the game.

“They call me Hulk, Schwarzenegger and He-Man all the time and I like that. I’ve doubled my biceps but I still want to be bigger,” Segato said in 2016.

The injections Segato used in his pursuit to go bigger and bigger were comprised of 85% oil, typically sesame oil, 7.5% lidocaine, which is a painkiller, and 7.5% alcohol to sterilize the craziness that was about to be injected.

And it was all for cosmetic looks. There’s no strength associated with the bulk.

Now it’s all over.



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