In A Shocking First, Greg Popovich Gets Something Right

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San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is never afraid to speak his mind.

Well, unless it’s about China or one of his players allegedly exposing himself to a team psychologist. In those cases, he watches what he says a bit closer.

However, on Wednesday, Pop kind of hit the nail on the head when he joked about congressman George Santos’ penchant for, uh, “bending the truth.”

… Alright, outright lying.

The recently sworn-in congressman’s campaign biography claimed he had attended New York University and graduated from Baruch College. Santos has since admitted that those were lies.

So, while on the road in New York City to face the Knicks, Pop took some time to work on his Daily Show audition.

“I had an interesting day the other day at Baruch College. I was looking everywhere in the gym, everywhere for a picture of Santos. I couldn’t find one,” the coach said. “I thought he would’ve played sports or something while he was there.

“‘Cause that’s where he went to school, right?” he joked. “Yeah, he went to school there.”

Greg Popovich
The NBA’s resident woke curmudgeon Gregg Popovich joked about the congressman and habitual liar George Santos. Congrats to Pop on getting something (technically) right for once. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Popovich Was Bound To Get One Right Eventually

You can’t knock renowned wokester Gregg Popovich on this one. He’s right, Santos lied. However, if you talk as Gregg Popovich has over the years. You’re bound to get something right at least once. Even accidentally.

Of course, there were those times he hopped out of bed and took his crazy pills with his morning coffee. Like the time he compared Columbus Day to celebrating Hitler, called America a racist country at a social justice summit (the man knows how to play to the crowd), and the time he sounded off on “old white guys.”

Upon the last check, Gregg Popovich, is, in fact, an old white guy.

Hey, even broken clocks are right twice a day. That means Pop still might have one more moment of clarity in the chamber.

Oh. My bad on the firearms idiom. He’s not a fan of the Second Amendment.

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  1. Oh of course, because it’s a republican in this case he’s more than willing to talk. Is there a bigger fraud in sports than him? Duncan and co. were the ones who led HIM to titles, I think there’s been enough elapsed time since that corps disbanded to say that.

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