Suspended Celtics Coach Ime Udoka Reportedly Used Crude Language With Mistress Prior To Their Affair

Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka is suspended for the entire season. The ruling came after he had an improper relationship with a team staffer while engaged to actress Nia Long.

In addition, according to NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, his language prior to the affair played a big role in his punishment. It does not bode well for his future in Boston.

Ime Udoka’s future with the Celtics is in jeopardy. (Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

Udoka, 45, was the head coach. In most scenarios, that makes a superior in the workplace.

He got involved with a team staffer that arranged his travel, as well as travel plans for his fiancé. That is a clear and direct violation of team policy. The relationship took place with an “inferior” staff member within the organization.

In addition, Ime Udoka’s language was reportedly an issue.

Per Wojnarowski, the independent law firm that investigated the entire situation found that he used “especially concerning” verbiage toward a workplace inferior. It found that “crude language” was used by Udoka toward the inferior staffer— prior to the start of his improper relationship.

The language that was before their affair played a large role in his suspension. It also does not help his case for reinstatement in 2023.

Within the law firm’s report, it says that Udoka’s relationship with the staffer included a power dynamic that was in direct violation of team policy. That report was commissioned by the organization alongside a private firm. It came to completion early last week.

To summate the issue, it starts with Udoka. He reached out to the woman that was booking he and his fiancé’s travel arrangements and used inappropriate language. That language later escalated and their working relationship became an affair, which is a direct violation of team policy.

There is a long road ahead for Udoka if he tries to be reinstated by the team when his suspension comes to a close. In the meantime, the Celtics continue to discuss the findings of its private investigation and gather all necessary information internally.

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