Imagine Being A Dead Florida Man & Your Ex-Wife Is Still Causing Trouble By Stealing From Your Grave

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I had no choice but to blog about a situation going on in Fruitland Park, Florida. Ronni Leigh Kimberlin won’t leave her ex-husband, Jeffrey Todd Kimberlin, alone even as he tries to get some rest. In a grave. He’s dead. But Ronni Leigh, 32, won’t let go of the past. No, her ass has allegedly caused trouble with items left at his grave. She was arrested Saturday for stealing several of the items left by Kimberlin’s fiancée. This is a heavyweight Florida quarrel we have here.

“Records show the man’s fiancée first contacted police in late September claiming she had placed two wedding invitations, a pair of $250 Costa sunglasses, an LED hanging starlight, two double curl hanging planters, a weeping willow string light, six snapdragon plants, artificial flowers, a ring, and a sugar skull at the grave and within two days, all the items, valued at $438, were missing,” according to

It turns out that Jeffrey Todd was killed when he was hit by a van while walking his daughter to a school bus stop in 2018. That’s some really tragic stuff, but it was also two years ago. The time to let go of old grudges is long past, but Ronnie Leigh ain’t forgettin’ nuthin’, according to Jeffrey Todd’s fiancée.

She told police: “Kimberlin took her children to their father’s grave and made them cross out the word ‘fiance’ with purple chalk,” according to the Villages-News.

Ladies, we need to have a talk here. You have to stop torturing your ex-husbands after they die. It’s over once they go to the grave. You tortured them enough when they were living, please let them get some sleep. It’s time to end the war with the ex-husband’s fiancée and any other woman he might’ve been seeing on the side, if he was into side pieces. This is no way to live.

“I heard of the family drama, but I did not take the items. This is ridiculous,” Kimberlin told police.

However, cops found a couple of planters at Kimberlin’s brother’s house and made the arrest. By the way, what kind of maniac fiancée leaves $500 in sunglasses at a grave? Once again, Florida proves just how bonkers it is on a daily basis.

Ronni Leigh/Lake County Jail

Written by Joe Kinsey

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