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Imagine a Biden Vs. DeSantis Debate on COVID

The 2024 presidential election odds are out. Could we get Joe Biden vs. Ron DeSantis matchup? Clay Travis is already imagining it. “Can you imagine if they decide — and we don’t know how it’s gonna play out — to bring Joe Biden back because they’re terrified about Kamala Harris having the lowest approval ratings of any vice president in many of our lives?” Clay said on the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show. “Can you imagine Ron DeSantis against Joe Biden on a debate stage? I mean this honestly. “I’m not sure that I can think of any matchup we’ve ever seen in a presidential election that would be more of a slaughter than DeSantis going head-to-head with Joe Biden. Right? Biden left himself open for one haymaker after another. Trump was a mess in that first debate. Second debate, he clocked him. Imagine what DeSantis would be able to do with 82-year-old Joe Biden if they tried a Weekend at Bernie’s Part 2-style drag Joe Biden across the finish line again. “I think there’s nervousness in the White House because when they have these back-and-forths, DeSantis is destroying the logic underpinning any of the criticisms from Joe Biden, […]



Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.