Illinois Professor Claims That Refusing to Mask Indoors is a ‘Manifestation of Racism’

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If it wasn’t already abundantly clear, permanent masking has become an obvious goal for Covidians across the country.

There is no pathway for them to end restrictions on normal life because their entire identity is wrapped up in adhering to consensus liberalism.

During the pandemic, that consensus has created a near religious fanaticism toward universal masking, which has since morphed to combine the left’s obsession with identity politics and inaccurate claims of racism.

Jahred Adelman, a professor at Northern Illinois University, has taken this extremism to a new level.

Northern Illinois University physics professor Jahred Adelman

According to Fox News, the good professor claimed that everyone must wear masks in his clasroom, and that not wearing them indoors “is a manifestation of ableism and racism.

“Refusing to mask indoors is a manifestation of ableism and racism, an exercise of individual privilege that tells the most vulnerable that their health and the health of their loved ones does not matter. Thus, masks are required here. They are NOT optional.”

The professor, naturally, defended his indefensible policy, saying that his university allows instructors to set their own rules, and once again inaccurately appealing to race.

“The university allows professors to set mask policy in their classrooms and laboratories. I cannot and would not tell students what to do outside of my class, but if I can do my part to keep everyone a little safer while we learn physics, I will do so. Of particular concern to me is protecting those students of color and those with special health demands and needs, whom studies have shown are disproportionately impacted by the virus,”

Adelman isn’t the first teacher to force their delusions onto college students, another professor in New York made similar nonsensical claims.

Masks Don’t Work

The most substantial issue with people like Adelman is that they have been radicalized by misinformation on masking from “experts” like Dr. Fauci.

Years of data, studies and detailed comparisons have confirmed that masks do not work.

Attempting to protect students of color or those with “special health demands and needs” by masking is laughable at best, and offensively stupid at worst.

You can’t protect people’s health with policies that do nothing to create better health outcomes.

Obviously the accusations of “racism” or “ableism” are equally ridiculous.

Beyond the insanity of claiming that masking protects minority groups, if you believe the fiction that masks work, like Adelman clearly does, shouldn’t they be able to protect themselves by wearing their own “high quality” N95 masks?

That would require intellectual honesty and consistency, but unfortunately both concepts are anathema to far left activists.

It’s yet another example of the left patronizing certain groups, claiming that they’re helpless and must be protected by the actions of good liberals.

Not to mention their obsession with inaccurately appealing to “racism” to justify their incompetent actions.

So instead of a return to normalcy, far left professors will continue to pointlessly harm students while signaling their virtue.

Written by Ian Miller

Ian Miller is a former award watching high school actor, author, and long suffering Dodgers fan. He spends most of his time golfing, traveling, reading about World War I history, and trying to get the remote back from his dog. Follow him on Twitter @ianmSC


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