Squad Problems: Ilhan Omar Mad at Lawmakers Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez For COVID Shots

Radical Rep. Ilhan Omar, (D-Minn) is not happy that lawmakers are receiving the coronavirus vaccine before America’s most vulnerable seniors and frontline workers.

Her attack on government leaders must also apparently include fellow “Squad” member and leader Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — remember, calling her “AOC” is “disrespectful” but buy her $65 “AOC” shirts now — who recorded herself getting the vaccine over the weekend

“It’s now clear that we don’t have enough vaccines for everyone and there is shortage of supply, we have to prioritize those who need it most,” Omar writes. 

“That’s why it’s disturbing to see members be 1st to get vaccine while most frontline workers, elderly and infirm in our districts, wait.”

Squad problems, no doubt.

(Photo by Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images)

For the first time since becoming a socialist Squad member, Omar has actually made a good point, saying it’s “shameful” that lawmakers are receiving the vaccine not because of their age but their “importance.”

“We are not more important [than] frontline workers, teachers etc. who are making sacrifices everyday,” Omar goes on. “Which is why I won’t take it. People who need it most, should get it. Full stop.”

Wow, call it a day, Rep. Omar.

For continuity of government, officials in the White House, Congress, and the judiciary were given priority access to the vaccines. Ocasio-Cortez says members of the House of Representatives were being “urged to take [the vaccine] as part of the government’s plan in accordance with national security protocols.”

As of now, it’s unclear how deep these #SquadProblems run, or if the irrational group has a de facto arbiter to settle such drama.

Not that I’d ever want to assist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — always write the name out — but if the battle takes a harsh turn on Twitter, all she has to do is bring up Omar funneling nearly $3 million to her husband’s political consulting firm. Have to bet that’d get Omar’s attention.

Sucks to have Squad problems.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. “We are not more important [than] frontline workers, teachers etc. who are making sacrifices everyday,” Omar goes on. “Which is why I won’t take it. People who need it most, should get it. Full stop.”

    Actually this is a non story when it comes to the Squad because she didn’t mention them specifically. It’s just alt right dream made up to try and cause dissention. The point Omar makes is a great point. I look forward to the next article from Bobby talking about Trump trying to nullify 20 million votes to overturn an election. I’ll wait

    • Lol…yup the alt right is causing dissention. Another name for alt right is left.

      I bet you want Trump to nullify the election…in that scenario you’ll get 4 more years of free dissention.

        • 10 million fake votes. Thats the only way the terrorist cult known as the DemocRat party wins elections. They installed the evil deep state dummy puppet mumbling bumbling creepy senile racist bribe taking crazy Joe Biden so deep star crimes against America can resume, just like the days of the inept corrupt beta male DictatorO

        • Yeah 81 mil beats 74 mil.

          But nobody cares about popular vote because it’s the electoral college vote that determines everything. You’ll figure that out in a few weeks when Trump nullifies your election.

    • Mason, I don’t know where you come up with some of your blather, but you’re comedy relief sometimes. Very rarely do you ever make a valid point, but you’re entitled to your opinions, and for that, have at it. I would take advantage of these moments and be thankful you’re on a site that allows freedom of speech. Outkick is a safe haven for that. Once the Biden/Harris regime gets rolling, most of our freedoms will start to go away.

  2. For once, I agree with Illan Omar. Clay stated this a month or so ago, the priority should be: elderly; frontline workers (EMS, cops, hospital workers); then teachers. The rest of us, including the government, need to wait.

  3. It always happens…sure a ‘squad’ can fight the power…but when that power is gone eventually it turns into infighting.

    I really don’t care AOC got the real or the photo op vaccine…I don’t think the vaccine works like it’s intended to anyway.

  4. The four morons of the apocalypse. Two disgusting terrorist shitbags, Omar and Tlaib, & two empty headed moronic communist Soros puppets, AOC and the bald Freak Pressely. Whoever voted for these leftist asswipes should be banned from voting for life.

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