If The Colts Do Go After Another QB, Frank Reich Already Has One He Knows And Loves

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The only thing standing between the Tennessee Titans and winning the AFC South is the ongoing development behind the Indianapolis Colts’ efforts to land a starting caliber quarterback. With a rough timeline of 5-12 weeks that will sideline Colts starting QB Carson Wentz going into the start of the season, the team has relentlessly considered all options to fill in for the injured Wentz until his return from surgery.

Settling this decision has been far from an easy pick; talks have fluctuated between bringing Philip Rivers out of retirement, signing a new player from the remaining pool of free agent QBs or acquiring a familiar face to lead head coach Frank Reich’s team. Should the Colts choose the third option, it sounds like Reich has got one guy on his mind: Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles.

The two have not been coy about getting the Philadelphia tripartite back together: Father (Reich), Son (Wentz) and the Foley Spirit. After listening to Nick Foles’ recent press conference, reassuring teams that he’s now “better than his Super Bowl days” with the Eagles, Frank Reich sounds confident that a reunion would indeed work out and hasn’t stopped gushing over his former QB since.

Speaking with reporters on Wednesday, Frank Reich gave his side of the story behind potentially nabbing the third-string QB from Chicago — ahead of their Week 1 debut against the Seattle Seahawks, scheduled for Sep. 12.

Reich said in the interview:

“This is Carson’s team, first of all. He’s our quarterback. We’re excited about having him. He knows that and this team knows that. When we brought him here, we brought him here for one reason. And it wasn’t to compete. It was, he’s going to come in here and lead this football team. I don’t mind talking about Nick Foles.

“I love Nick Foles. He plays for the Chicago Bears and I haven’t talked to him. But I think he’s a great player. I think he’s proven that. I think he’s a great great teammate. There’s nothing about Nick Foles I don’t like. I think he’s a winner. He’s certainly a guy who fits our kind of culture, but he plays for the Chicago Bears.”

Despite Carson Wentz’s potential gripe over bringing back a QB that inadvertently dethroned his position as a starter in Philadelphia, the mutual respect between him and Foles was showcased best through Foles’ praise for the injured quarterback during the media’s prodding for a potential trade — reassuring reporters that his inclusion with the Colts would not detract from Wentz’s role.

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