If NASCAR Can Hold a Race in Front of Tens of Thousands of Fans, We Can Have College Football

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If 30,000 people can show up to watch a NASCAR race in Tennessee, how in the world can Vanderbilt and the University of Tennessee not play football games in September?

The state of Tennessee is going to allow up to 30,000 fans to show up at Bristol to watch a race.

If that is occurring, how in the world can they not allow Vanderbilt and Tennessee to play football games in front of either small or no crowds.

I think this is a larger part of the conversation that I had with SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey this morning.

I asked Commissioner Sankey that exact questions. He gave me a couple of interesting answers

Sankey told me Alabama and Texas A&M could certainly be working to replace their games against USC and Colorado because the only two games that have been canceled so far in the SEC are those games against the Pac-12.

He expects Alabama and Texas A&M to replace those games.

He also said the infection rates among athletes on SEC campuses is near zero now.

It got a lot of attention for athletes testing positive but the numbers most recently, according to Sankey, are near zero for SEC athletes.

He also said he hoped to play 12 games but they were working on a 8 and 10 game schedule.

You should go listen to it on Outkick or go download the podcast, he’s in hour 3.

My point is if we are already having events in front of 30,000 fans, why can’t we play college football games?

This is pretty to break down.

By August 1, we’ll have MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, WNBA, NWSL, PGA, PBA, NASCAR, UFC, boxing.  

Every sport is going to be going. How can all of those 12 sports all be taking place and college football can’t?

This is interesting.  The Coronabros have lost every battle over the return of sports so they are focusing all of their attention on college football.

College football — because there is no national commissioner — hasn’t done a good job of fighting back.

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  1. Hey Clay,
    Great information…thank you!
    Just wondering how much college reopenings, or not, could affect football. If campuses are shut down, can the teams still practice and play? Woke deans and admins…do they control the football programs operating inside the institutional framework? Pressure on the schools to allow play will be huge in the SEC especially.

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