IBF Bantamweight Champ Ebanie Bridges Shares Gruesome Surgery Pic After Defending Her Title With A Broken Hand

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Ebanie Bridges is a badass. The IBF Bantamweight champion successfully defended her title last week against Shannon O’Connell all while entertaining her fans with another lingerie weigh-in and launching an OnlyFans page.

More impressive than pulling off all of that is the fact that she did so with a broken hand. The 36-year-old Australian revealed earlier this week that she had surgery for her right hand scheduled for Friday.

Bridges included a picture of her extremely swollen hand and explained that she had broken the hand before the fight. She said, “Booked in for surgery on my hand this Friday. A lot of my camp was done with one hand. A lot of my sparring only using my left hand.”

IBF Bantamweight Champ Ebanie Bridges Shares Gruesome Surgery Pic
Ebanie Bridges and Shannon O’Connell exchange blows during their IBF Bantamweight title fight (Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images)

“But there was no way I was pulling out of that fight cos I knew I could batter her with 1 hand if needed & I wanted to but now time to sort this,” she continued.

“It’s a pretty intense surgery, they take bone from my hip and fuse my joints together. Bit of a lengthy recovery.. but I am no stranger to injuries. Lol.”

Not one to be shy about sharing things with her followers, Bridges showed what the surgery looked like and what her hand looks like now.

There’s No Stopping Ebanie Bridges

Much like the broken hand didn’t slow Bridges down, the surgery isn’t expected to either. Sure she’s going to need time to recover. And it will be a little while before she’s ready to get back in the ring, but that doesn’t mean her content will suffer.

In fact, the day after she had bone from her hip removed to fuse bones in her hand she was promoting exclusive content.

She tweeted out with a link, “Everything that is too crazy for here goes straight up on my OnlyFans guys.” The content game never rests and neither does the Blonde Bomber.

Written by Sean Joseph

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