I Own Lots More Pants Than You

I’ve done lots of ridiculous things in my life.

But buying tens of thousands of dollars in pants and putting them for sale on the Internet is probably the most ridiculous.

There’s a moment before every investment when you think, “What the hell am I really doing here?” But when your investment is pants, you definitely pause and think a bit more: “What if nobody buys these pants? What am I going to do with thousands of pairs of college-colored khaki pants?”

And the answer is, for the next three decades you know exactly what you’re getting from me for weddings, Christmas, or birthdays. 


We also have awesome Outkick the Coverage t-shirts for men and women, but I’m sure these will sell pretty quickly. 

Today Outkick the Coverage embarks upon its most ridiculous quest yet; we’ve built our own online tailgate and apparel store.  

Whatever tailgate needs you have for your favorite college team — we’ve got it all — provided by the nation’s biggest tailgate supplier, Logo Chair.

Over the past two years Outkick has grown a ton. We’ve been fortunate to have great advertising sponsors that have allowed us to grow, but one of the things I decided last year was that it was time to create our own stand-alone businesses that could advertise on the site in the years to come. My thinking was simple, if we’ve got a massive audience that we’re pitching to bigger and bigger advertisers, why not sell directly to you guys ourselves? Especially when so many of y’all have been emailing and Tweeting asking for Outkick gear.

Ultimately the logic was pretty simple, if I can sell tens of thousands of books — when we all know most of the state of Alabama and Kentucky can’t read — how much tailgate gear and OKTC apparel could we sell? Everyone buys gear with their favorite team logos. And everyone has to get dressed. 

So the answer seemed to be a lot.

And for better or worse I trust my intuition on what people like. So far it’s worked in writing online, books, radio, and TV. Will it work in pants, shirts, and tailgate apparel?

Who knows?

If it doesn’t, I’ll be able to write and talk about the tens of thousands of dollars I lost in pants for the next several years.

If it does, Outkick the Coverage moves one step closer to never having to sell advertising to fund the site. We still want to have great advertising partners, but we’d prefer to limit our selectivity. You guys can help control that. So if you like Outkick the Coverage, check out our site. The t-shirts will go fast. Especially since if you order pants right now we’re tossing in a free t-shirt and taking 20% off your purchase price. 

And with great slogans like, “Outkick your pants,” how can you resist? 

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.