Husband Leaves Wife ‘By Mistake’ On Side Of Road, Makes Her Walk 13 Miles

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Gonna be a longgg holiday break for this guy.

A Thailand man is facing hell after leaving his wife in a jungle when he went to take a bathroom break.

55-year-old Boontom Chaimoon was traveling with his wife Amnuay back to their hometown for the holidays when suddenly the Boontom had to go to the bathroom. He pulled over on the side of the road – of a JUNGLE by the way, to relieve himself. His wife was apparently annoyed with his decision and questioned why he didn’t just drive to a gas station, according to the local Daily News.

Well, apparently while Boontom was doing his business, his wife said that she too was going to use the makeshift bathroom.

Of course, Boontom didn’t hear her tell him that.

So he just started driving… and driving… and driving… thinking his wife was just laying down and sleeping in the backseat.

A “classic mistake.”

Boontom Chaimoon left his wife on the side of the road after a bathroom break. (


To make things even worse for Amnuay, not only did her husband ‘accidentally’ leave her, but it was in the middle of the night.

So she had to walk to the next town – which was over 12 miles away, in the middle of the dark in a fricken Thailand jungle. Now I’m not up on my geography or animals these days, but something tells me the last place I want to be ANYWHERE in the world is near or IN a jungle at night. Probably not ideal.

Upon arriving in town, Amnuay went to the police station to try and contact her husband. But of course, she forgot her cell phone in her purse – which was in the backseat of the car. And like anyone in 2022, she didn’t have her husband’s number memorized, so it took hours for police to get in touch with her husband or relatives.

When they did finally make contact with Boontom, he had driven all the way to Korat province… 100 miles away.

Hey, it happens.

Boontom and Amnuay Chamoon. (

Fortunately this wasn’t a story of a husband ditching his wife for good. Boontom turned around and drove back and picked up the wife.

She told local reporters that she’s not upset with him and forgives him.

And they lived happily ever after (at least for now).

But at least it was better than flying Southwest Airlines.

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