Husband Demands Divorce Because His Wife Wouldn’t Have Sex On Wedding Night — Did He Overreact?

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Perhaps he didn’t hear the until death do us part part of the vows.

Australia is going nuts over a story shared by a caller on the Hot Nights show on the Hit Network where the woman told the show hosts how her husband asked for a divorce after she refused to have sex with him on their wedding night.

Abbie Chatfield (right), host of the Hot Nights radio show, reacts to Rachel’s story about how her marriage was over in hours. / Hot Nights TikTok

The caller, Rachel, claims her husband went nuts when he “didn’t get what he wanted” and woke up the next morning demanding a divorce just hours after they said “I do.”

The caller added that they separated two weeks later.

Woah, wait a minute.

We need some context here. Were both of you hammered? Were there issues before the wedding? Something doesn’t add up here.

Australian divorce numbers skyrocketed in 2021 to a level the country hadn’t experienced since 1976. / TikTok Hot Nights

“The night of the wedding, we went out, and when we got back to the hotel room, unfortunately, I didn’t give him what he wanted,” the caller told show host Abbie Chatfield.

“We were tired. I didn’t want to, and the next day he wanted a divorce.”

You can guess how women on TikTok have reacted to this story. He’s a pig. You dodged a bullet. You deserve better QUEEN. What a low down dirty dawg. Scumbag. You don’t owe him sex.

The problem with this story is that we don’t have a true backstory to what’s going on because this doesn’t garner such a reaction unless there were all sorts of other issues going on and then this just sent the guy over the top.

Honestly, it sounds like he was trying to get out of the marriage before the marriage even started and then he freaked out on his wedding night thinking about the life he was about to commit to which would equal multiple cheating episodes and eventually a divorce that was going to cost him a huge chunk of money.

Guys, you really need to get your ass in gear with these marriages.

An old timer once told me there’s only one food known to man that is guaranteed to kill a woman’s sex drive: wedding cake.

Sure, there are outliers out there.

Fellas, ask yourself how you’re going to react if your bride isn’t in the mood to have sex on your wedding night. If this is an issue in your head, marriage to this woman probably isn’t for you because 10 years down the road, you’re going to be cheating on a Vegas trip and risking half of your 401k for 5-10 minutes of action.

One thing is going to lead to another and she’ll have half of your money, she’ll get custody of the kids and you’ll see them every Wednesday and two weekends per month. Oh, and the ex will get the riding lawn mower, the UTV you cherish (but can no longer afford the payments on) and alimony.

Plus, her sex drive will kick in when she meets your replacement and your kids start to enjoy going to the lake house with him on weekends.

You’ll be left suckin’ down beers at the local Frickers where the bartenders look at you like a loser while the kids send you lake reports from their iPhones paid for with your child support while Chad is driving them around in his beautiful boat that is financed with your alimony.

Guys, you need to dodge bullets just like these women need to dodge bullets.

Get your head in the game.

Hot Nights host Abbie Chatfield hears Rachel’s story about how her husband wanted a divorce after she refused to have sex on their wedding night. / TikTok Hot Nights

Written by Joe Kinsey

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