Hurricane Delta Upgraded, Checking In With Britney Spears & Diamond From Ring Recovered At Bryant-Denny

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Sounds like COVID in the NFL will be hot news

As I type this, news is breaking of more positive tests in New England and Tennessee, so expect that to be a hot topic this morning. I’ll finish up Caps and then move over to look into that news. The situation in Tennessee is going to be a huge topic since the Titans just used up their bye week. As I blogged last week, the NFL has been looking into a bubble playoff scenario and how to handle teams that don’t play a full 16-game schedule. Stay tuned on that front.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, there’s yet another big hurricane brewing in the Gulf, and the path isn’t good for people in Louisiana who already went through Hurricane Laura. The people of Louisiana are asking Jim Cantore to stay away and take the hurricane with him, as it intensified Tuesday. “This is Wilma type rapid intensification!!,” Cantore tweeted.

And finally this morning…President Trump is calling on aid for the airlines to keep them going while people wait to fly again. Trump is also urging for the $1,200 stimulus checks. I’m not really a gambling man these days, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put that $1,200 down on a really nice vacation in 2021. Personally, I’m going to need a few days off to rid myself of the 2020 stench. I’m already looking at destinations.

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  1. Did Britney Spears hire Napoleon Dynamite’s choreographer? She needs to hang it up.

    I believe the phrase in question is “rub one out.” “Rub one off” should be approved!

    Also, the McDonald’s ash tray is pretty epic.

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