Hunter Biden Deducted Payments To Hookers And Sex Club On His Taxes, Whistleblower Claims

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Hunter Biden deducted payments to hookers and a sex club on his taxes, a whistleblower claims.

An IRS criminal investigator told members of the House Ways and Means Committee at the start of June that President Joe Biden’s son deducted tens of thousands of dollars from his 2018 taxes that went to hookers and an unnamed sex club, according to a report from Chuck Ross and Joe Simonson.

The whistleblower alleges the payments might have also violated federal sex trafficking laws if the prostitutes crossed state lines for the transactions, according to the same report.

The First Son and wannabe artist allegedly deducted payments for a “west coast assistant” described as “essentially a prostitute.” Hunter Biden also allegedly made a wire payment of $18,000 “using coded” language to hide the purpose of the money. The embattled President’s son, who recently reached a plea deal on multiple charges related to tax crimes and a gun crime, also paid $10,000 that was labeled as a “golf club member deposit” that was actually a sex club payment, according to the same report.

Turns out, you can’t deduct that from your taxes.

Hunter Biden reached a plea deal on multiple tax and gun charges. (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for World Food Program USA)

Hunter Biden has a history with sex workers and strippers.

If there’s one thing Hunter Biden isn’t a stranger about, it’s strip clubs. The man definitely knows plenty about strippers.

He fought bitterly in court with the stripper he had a child with and allegedly smoked crack at Archibald’s Gentlemen’s Club in Washington D.C., according to Page Six.

Archibald’s is a classic D.C. strip that can’t really be described in words. You kind of just have to experience it to understand, and Hunter allegedly blew plenty of cash there. Did he also deduct that? We might never know, but nothing would surprise anyone at this point with Hunter Biden.

Of course, even if he did, let’s be honest when we say he wouldn’t get in much trouble. The man just got a plea deal on a federal gun charge to enter a diversion program.

Does any regular person think they’d get that deal? Of course not. Writing off payments to a sex club and hookers is vanilla compared to violating federal gun laws. Hell, it might not even be noticed.

Hunter Biden allegedly deducted payments to hookers and a sex club on his taxes. (Photo by Ng Han Guan-Pool/Getty Images)

Seriously, I don’t want to overhype how crazy it is Archibald’s was Hunter Biden’s strip club of choice in Washington D.C. when he was out and about. Do yourself a favor and just look it up or visit it if you want. You’ll understand the absurdity of the situation immediately.

Overall, the lesson is clear: don’t write off expenses to sex workers on your taxes. It’s likely not going to fly.

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