Human Rights Statement Featuring ‘Silence is Violence,’ Mocking LeBron James Gets Rejected By Billboard Company

Like many liberal-driven movements, the phrase ‘silence is violence’ is incredibly marketable. Also, like many liberal-driven movements, it is not allowed to be applied to liberals.

The New York Post is reporting that a Virginia-based company — the National Legal and Policy Center — was going to spend deep into the six-figures to display five billboards around The NBA Bubble in Orlando that would show LeBron James with a Chinese flag covering his mouth and that delightful phrase, “silence is violence.”

It was rejected by Outfront Media, the billboard company.

Click here, or on the image, to read the full NYPost story.

“Some messages are too important to be suppressed,” said Peter Flaherty, chairman of NLPC told the Post. “When it comes to human rights in China, silence is indeed violence. We should be able to call LeBron on his hypocrisy without this censorship.”

LeBron has not been silence on many subjects. In fact he has become such a vocal social justice warrior that Jason Whitlock has called him a bigot.

Whitlock eloquently summed his column with the point:

Bigots, regardless of color, have a common trait. Ignorance. Ignorance fuels their ego. Information is their enemy. They avoid it at all costs. Negative anecdotes frame their worldview.

Bigotry has subdued and detained LeBron James. 

The liberal landscape has allowed this to continue.

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley has been on the forefront of calling to question the relationship that the NBA, NIKE, and China have with one another.

“There are widespread reports, very credible reports that Nike, many of their product lines and components of their products, the shoes, the shirts, the jerseys, all that stuff are made in concentration camps in China,” he told Outkick. “These concentration camps are full of religious minorities, one in particular called the Uyghurs. They’re a religious ethnic minority that the Chinese government has put on trains, shaven, beaten, and shipped into these camps.”

That relationship has been a hot button topic for numerous years and was first made public conscious when Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey expressed support for Hong Kong protestors. It prompted state-owned CCTV to drop NBA games as did the NBA’s streaming partner in China, Tencent.

It was escalated when more details came out in a story from ESPN that the NBA had their name brand on a number of player development camps in China where minors were allegedly abused; the NBA shut down a camp in the Xianjiang region, the police state in China where the Uyghurs are persecuted.

James, like much of the league and many liberals, have decided that silence is violence does not apply to their interests.

Written by Jaxon Stevens


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  1. Game 2 ratings: 4.6 million viewers, with a 1.6 share. Viewers down 39% from game 1 (which was the lowest rated game in recorded NBA Finals history). The viewers & demo numbers are absolutely pathetic…much more so than the Stanley Cup Final declines, given the teams involved and the two league’s historical viewership patterns. I haven’t seen the cable numbers, but the NBA Finals game 2 was likely beaten by Tucker Carlson & Sean Hannity in total viewers.

    No billboard ban is going to negate those lackluster numbers.

  2. Please stay with this story and follow up with ad company on how to get there message out. Some city in Florida or other red states would put this up. Also please do a story in no Chinese players currently in any NBA roster why is that in this so called global league and China being the largest country . It’s another of protection and China and its exploitation of Nike and the NBA to divide America it’s treason to me

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