Report: Coach Malzahn to make special in-home visit to ailing Auburn commit

Coach Malzahn went to visit an ailing Auburn commit.

Butch Dill AP Photo

On Wednesday, Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn will travel to Orlando to visit ailing defensive line commitment Tashawn Manning, AuburnUndercover reports

Manning, a 2-star prospect who has been committed to the program since last summer, was diagnosed with leukemia last Thanksgiving. 

Although Manning won’t be able to play football for at least the next two years, the Tigers have petitioned the NCAA with the hope that they can sign Manning to a letter-of-intent without having him count against the program’s scholarship total, AuburnUndercover reported. 

It appears that Manning has been progressing at a terrific rate. On a GoFundMe page to help fund his son’s medical and education expenses, father Buck wrote: “As of the last biopsy, there were no cancer cells found!” 

Buck Manning told AuburnUndercover that Tashawn is looking forward to seeing Malzahn at his home. 

“He’s real excited,” Buck said. 


Written by Clay Travis

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