Chick-fil-A Addresses Accusations its ‘Community’ Tweet was Racist

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Social media outrage bullied Chick-fil-A into addressing a benign tweet that users called racist.

Last week, a hungry man tweeted that he had ordered a spicy sandwich at a local Chick-fil-A but had wished the location offered spicy nuggets on the menu. In response, the official restaurant account said it would let the user know when his location would carry the spicy nuggets:

So, what’s the outrage? Twitter claimed it was racist for Chick-fil-A to use the word “community” in a response to a black customer.

As of Sunday, the tweet had over 4,300 quote tweets. The New York Post and NBC News covered the fury, including all of the tweets calling Chick-fil-A a very racist fast food chain.

It got so bad that Chick-fil-A released a statement explaining itself on Sunday.

“The response was a poor choice of words but was not intended in any way to be insensitive or disrespectful,” a company spokesperson told NBC in a statement.

“We often use the term ‘community’ in a broader sense to talk about places where we operate restaurants and serve the surrounding community.”

At least Chick-fil-A didn’t offer a full-fledged apology. But it’s hardly a “poor choice of words” when the restaurant has used that particular word for years when addressing restaurant-goers of all races.

In fact, the exact same scenario played out two weeks ago with a white customer who also wanted to purchase spicy nuggets:

Community = location.

See, the problem isn’t racism or the word “community.” The issue is that people of all races, in all areas, and of all ages, want to order Chick-fil-A’s spicy nuggets.

There’s money to be made. And instead of making it, Chick-fil-A has to address woke outrage on Twitter. Not smart.

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  1. There is literally nothing offensive or hateful about what Chick Fil A says or does, in out out of business. Their chicken is delicious. Their service is impeccable. Their prices are reasonable. Their wages are above the fast food norm. But the fact that their owners are open religious infuriates the progressive left. Chick Fil A is the truth serum that exposes the “intelligent, tolerant, antiracist” crowd as the hate-filled, petty, spiteful bigots they really are.

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