Howard Stern’s Wife, Beth, Takes Time Out Of Cat Schedule To Enjoy Bikini Season

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Howard Stern’s wife, Beth, has had a busy summer taking care of kittens. I’m talking cats everywhere on her Instagram page. More cats than I can count. And then out of nowhere over the weekend Beth dropped a bikini season photo out of left field and gave the photographer, Howard, a hat tip for his work.

“I finally had some ME time this summer. I enjoyed all 5 minutes of it before I had to feed the nuggets. #kittenseasonisEXHAUSTING,” she wrote on Instagram before going back to the kitten-raising grind. Let’s be honest here, the kittens are very important, but it’s late June and you have to take advantage of that Vitamin D when it comes around to get your mind and body right before going back to that kitten job.

How big is this kitten foster job that Beth has taken on? According to her website, Beth has “provided spay or neuter, foster care and facilitated adoptions for over 1,000 unwanted cats and kittens.” I’m not an expert on Beth’s free time, but it would seem like that sort of volume of cats would take up tons of free time.

So it makes sense that Howard and Beth would try to get in some relationship time over the weekend. Shoot some photos. Get away from the kids to enjoy some silence.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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