Howard Stern Wants Al Michaels To Tell Super Bowl Viewers To Get Vaccinated

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Howard Stern used a Tuesday interview with Al Michaels to do what he does best. No, not ask the tough questions or dig into Michaels’ sex life. Stern used the air time to encourage the legendary sports broadcaster to tell Super Bowl viewers to get vaccinated.

Who knew Michaels’ biggest fumble call of the week would happen before the Super Bowl?

“I know with sports, you can’t be controversial,” Stern said via his SiriusXM radio show. “No one’s there to hear your opinion. I get all that. But…Al, please — when you’re on there and you got 100 million people, tell them to get vaccinated for Christ’s sake. You know what I mean?”

Yes, he knows what you mean, Howard. You would like him to share your opinion, and only your opinion, with hundreds of millions of viewers. Because in your mind, yours is the only opinion that matters.

Or Michaels could instead just do his job. Chances are, hundreds of millions of Americans are tuning in to hear Michaels discuss the Rams and Bengals, not jabs and swabs.

But the former King of All Media didn’t stop.

“Don’t you ever wish you could sort of break out and say what you feel?” probed Stern. “Wouldn’t it be great to advocate a bit?”

If there were any doubt as to whether the king of the coronabros, Howard Stern, has lost his marbles, the fact that he so readily assumes that Michaels shares his views on the vaccine and longs to advocate for jabs serves as confirmation.

Michaels, who’s calling his 11th Super Bowl on Sunday, had little interest in spreading Stern’s message.

“You’re right. When people tune in to watch the game, they want to watch the game,” said Michaels. “There’s a lot of stuff going on in sports around the game.”

Michaels, 77, then essentially told Stern, 68, that he and his broadcast partners would prefer to stick to sports:

“It’s not that Chris Collinsworth and I and Michele Tafoya don’t have opinions. We do. The structure of what’s happening in the middle of the game doesn’t allow you to do that.”

He continued: “And all that would do is piss a lot of people off, if you started going in that direction.”

An A-lister rebuffing Stern’s request? We do believe in miracles.



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Written by Anthony Farris


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