SiriusXM CEO ‘Optimistic’ Can Keep Howard Stern

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Later this year, Howard Stern’s groundbreaking contract with SiriusXM expires. In June, SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer acknowledged the threat of the growing podcast industry, of which Stern is aware of. So far in 2020, Joe Rogan, Bill Simmons, and Dave Portnoy cashed in for $100 million each in digital media/podcast money.

However, Meyer remains ” “optimistic” the satellite radio service can retain its most valuable property.

“I am personally deeply engaged in conversations with Howard’s team. I am very optimistic about those conversations. We continue to make progress,” Meyer said Wednesday at the BofA Securities 2020 Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference.

Adding, “we have had Howard for 15 years and I am sure that every penny we paid Howard our shareholders have benefited. And I have been really clear, I want Howard Stern to work at SiriusXM as long as Howard Stern wants to work.”

Stern’s drawing power is so unparalleled Deadline reports his pending decision is a focus of Wall Street.

“I can’t speak for him but I can speak for me,” Meyer continued. “Howard loves working at SiriusXM. We love having Howard at SiriusXM. I think the quality of the show is the best it’s ever been. The lineup of the guests he’s getting is the best it’s ever been. I don’t see why that would slow down.”

It’s hard to see Stern, who turns 67 in January, leaving radio for digital media. The podcast industry is appealing for three reasons: 1) freedom; 2) schedule; and, 3) money. At Sirius, for Stern, that is check, check, and check.

Stern has near full autonomy. His schedule is podcast-like, only working three days a week; the weeks he’s on. And, per Yahoo, makes in the neighborhood of $100 million a year.

It doesn’t make sense to move — but nothing Howard Stern has done, at first, has either.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Used to be a big fan. He lost touch with his fans and what made him a great entertainer and appointment listening radio. He railed against the mainstream and was the voice of the everyman. Now’s he’s become insulated, turned big time Hollywood and has lost his edge. Now cow-tows to leftists and is agoraphobic and a hypochondriac, afraid to leave his house. Used to love Trump and turned on him, because he wanted to please the Hollywood elite. The show has no buzz as he kisses up to the actors and singers during his interviews and asks the same softball questions that Ryan Seacrest would. He also no longer sidekicks that can challenge him. The only callers are Whack Packers or sycophants. The show has become boring, routine and unlistenable. If Sirius XM re-signs him, it should be for a major pay cut because he’s not attracting subscribers. He should either retire and redeem his legacy or sign on for a Letterman Netflix type of interview show that no one will watch. He’s the Howard Hughes of the 21st Century after Mr. Hughes locked himself up in his Vegas Hotel.

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