Howard Stern Interview of Joey King Proves Fear Controls College Football

Tuesday I listened to Howard Stern interview 21-year-old actress Joey King, the star of the Netflix movie series The Kissing Booth. King relayed a story about her ex-boyfriend and Kissing Booth co-star Jacob Elordi. 

Elordi claimed in an interview that he had never watched Kissing Booth 2. Via Twitter, King called bull***t on Elordi’s assertion. Instead of using the word bull***t, King tweeted “cap,” which is a relatively new slang word for bull***t. She later deleted the tweet because she said two people over social media tweeted at her that “cap” is a black slang word and she was culturally appropriating the word and therefore being insensitive.

Stern, who is Jewish, did not object. Neither did his co-host Robin Quivers, who is black. Everyone acted like it was perfectly normal for an American citizen to believe there was a non-derogatory, non-profane word Joey King should not use because of the color of her skin and because of social media backlash.

All of this transpired on the Howard Stern Show, which rose to prominence as the most politically incorrect, freedom-of-speech-loving show in the history of radio. 

America is dead. Freedom is dead. 

Sitting in my car, listening to the Joey King-Howard Stern interview, I felt like Walter Cronkite learning that the Tet Offensive failed in Vietnam. The failure of Tet motivated Cronkite to personally visit Vietnam and assess the war firsthand. When he arrived back in New York, Cronkite rendered a verdict on the CBS Evening News:

“It seems now more certain than ever that the bloody experience of Vietnam is to end in a stalemate… It is increasingly clear to this reporter that the only rational way out then will be to negotiate, not as victors, but as an honorable people who lived up to their pledge to defend democracy, and did the best they could.”

Cronkite’s pronouncement rattled President Lyndon Johnson in the same way I was rattled Tuesday listening to Howard Stern. 

If we’ve lost Howard Stern to the social justice warriors and the PC crowd, we’ve lost the culture war. 

Fear is in control. Fear of social media backlash drives our decision-making and undermines masculine leadership. Fear is why the Big Ten and PAC-12 canceled their fall sports seasons long before they had to, long before receiving the necessary information to make an informed decision.

The grown men and women in charge of college athletics have no more courage than a Hollywood child actress. The same two tweets that forced Joey King to backpedal strike fear in the hearts and minds of Big Ten and PAC-12 presidents and commissioners. 

I’m not going to single any one school president or commissioner out by name. There are no evil, bad people working within college athletics. There’s a corrupt system that promotes fear and criminalizes bold leadership. 

It’s Silicon Valley’s social media system. The fascist Thought Police.  

High-salaried executives in every industry want to be on the right side of Twitter. A Twitter lynch mob can cost a corporate vice president, CEO, chairman or middle manager his/her job. 

The world is in an unprecedented state of upheaval. Fear of COVID is permanently wrecking entire industries. Uncertainty is pervasive. No man wants to go home and tell his family he lost his job. What’s next? No one has an answer. 

Executives are making decisions based on self-preservation rather than what’s best for the company. It’s wiser to cancel the season too soon rather than run the risk of being held responsible for the health of an athlete preparing for the season. 

All it’s going to take is the death of one college athlete to ignite a blue-check Twitter storm that will bury the career of an athletics director, head coach, school president or conference commissioner. 

A hypothetical Johnny or Joanie Washington might catch an asymptomatic case of COVID at their grandmother’s house, report to a workout with a hangover from a night of typical college partying and drop dead running gassers.  Our Twitter-obsessed, clickbait-driven, Trump-deranged media will solely blame COVID and anyone connected to the university the media believes hasn’t expressed enough Corona fear. 

Fear is the enemy of progress, rational decision-making. Fear is an unGodly emotion. Fear is evil’s best friend. 

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind.” — 2nd Timothy 1:7

“But even if you suffer for doing what is right, God will reward you for it. So don’t worry or be afraid of their threats.” — 1st Peter 3:14

Twitter-based fear is destroying America. How long are we going to allow the algorithms cooked up in Northern California to dictate the behavior of our leaders? 

I’m not saying we must play college football. But little kids across the country have been playing baseball, flag football and other sports all summer. Many states are planning on playing high school football. High school athletic directors and school principals don’t answer to Twitter lynch mobs. They’re free to make rational decisions.

We must stand up to the Thought Police. Our national leaders in the sports world need the time and intellectual freedom to make non-fear-based decisions about the future of sports.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Word right here. Thank you for making sense of this mad world. Twitter is controlling too much of our thoughts and behaviors. Never have I seen the adults in the room be so scared of a bunch of kids with keyboards. Scary times for sure.

  2. Jason,

    Another excellent insightful piece, eloquently stated.

    However, I think there’s one additional element to the cancelling of football. It’s relatively safe to say that while the AD’s, coaches, players and alum(fans) live for the game, the administrations and faculty for the most part despise football. They’re anti meritocracy and are “appalled” by the “violence” of the game. They don’t see any value in it, and care not that it has benefitted thousands of underprivileged youth, making them millionaires for generations to come. I believe it was only a matter of time before that element prevailed, however it was years down the road. Now they’ve been handed an opportunity to accelerate their ultimate outcome. This move reeks to me of their execution of that plan.

    Perhaps an angle for a future column.

  3. Bravo, Jason!

    I do not understand why so many have been crippled by fear of Twitter. It is a tiny subset of the American public, and is wholly deranged. Many persons in positions of authority need to take a step back and simply evaluate the wisdom of basing their decisions on this tiny subset of craziness, because the rest of us who are not crazy cannot understand why they would do things so contrary to reason.

    • In the case of Stern he can’t have Hollywood A listers mad at him. It is very important for his wife to be seen and to hang with A listers. Howie can not ruffle any feathers. Only time he gets angry is when celebs attack Israel.

  4. Great insight Jason. Shutting everything down until there is a vaccine is insanity. Hopefully the players will be able to easily transfer to schools where they can play. This will hurt the Big 10 and PAC 12 schools for years to come.

  5. Hey Jason,
    There’s a lot of things going on in your story; so I’m going to give my feedback in a couple or three small posts. I personally don’t like it when a post is single-spaced and runs on for 25-30 lines staring with no breaks.

    You above all else demand that people keep it real. So I have to tell you the first three paragraphs were the weirdest things I’ve ever read from you. And the third paragraph about Stern and Robin Quivers is still baffling. Because they don’t push back and say it WAS cool for some white 21-year old, unknown to most of America, wannabe celebrity to get gangsta and “cap” Jacob Elordi (who the F is he…don’t answer…doesn’t matter)…because of their NON-reaction…you conclude…

    “America is dead. Freedom is dead.”

    So The Howard Stern Show, to your way of thinking, was the big red barometer on the wall that told the American People what the state of freedom was in our country???

    And you felt like Walter Cronkite after the Test Offensive…I call bullshit.

  6. Hey Jason,
    So you were “rattled” listening to Stern. Sure…comparing that to Cronkite and Tet.
    Do you even hear yourself?

    Tet was a huge NVA and VietCong military operation that failed miserably on the ground…but succeeded in the press because it showed that there were no “front lines” in the war. The more accurate comparison would have been our American revolution to Tet, where our farmer soldiers could not be distinguished by the British Redcoats, who complained bitterly that we would not fight fair. No comparison between Tet and Howard Stern caving in to woke culture works. No way no how. Howard Stern was never about freedom except for its VALUE to HIS career.

  7. Hey jason,
    I’m just gonna stop now because this is getting wearisome to me and I’m sure to you lol, and definitely to OUTKICK readers.

    I love you, and you’re writings. Just can’t agree with this, as is my right lol.

    All best wishes,

    • Rick, I agree America is not dead. I also agree freedom is not dead. As far as the sky falling, well, it won’t fall as long as Americans stand up for our country. I take Jason’s column as a “call to action”. Hopefully all of us readers on OutKick can continue to convince friends and family to sign up for OutKick VIP. It is a great deal, obviously, but I honestly think that by signing up we are doing something more important. We are helping to win the culture war and save the country (that’s no exaggeration. I really do believe we need to help our country by supporting OutKick and other companies which support America)

    • I wholeheartedly agree American is not dead. And I love reading all of the patriotic comments here on OutKick. It gives me hope ……That said, going back to yesterday’s column, it does scare me that Popovich and the NBA think they can blatantly lie and get away with it. I mean, we all know racism exists. And if the NBA and Popovich think its better to try to start a race war by spewing lies, as opposed to discussing issues truthfully and working together to fight racism, then we are in trouble. They do this because they know the twitter algorithms will back them up, propagating the hate tweets. We truly do need to stand up for our country. I will remember that “love begets love” as Jason says, and certainly won’t become like the NBA spokespeople who basically say they hate us all (Jemele Hill, Popovich, Kerr, etc), but at the same time, I am certainly going to stand up for my country.

      • Hey Mario,
        I understand what you’re saying…but he’s speaking to his “base”…preaching to his choir. He’s not changing minds I promise you that…except maybe some minds who now think HE’S gone bonkers and they now realize we need sanity and logic to get past this hurricane that’s here.
        So if Pop speaks and no same person listens (literally or figuratively) then did he even make a sound? Let Pop be pop, but we don’t need to hear what he said yesterday or today because he’s a fraud of the worst kind. Thanks!

  8. Thank you, Jason. We need bold, courageous leaders like you willing to speak out forcefully. I’ve been a big fan of yours since your days with the KC Star and I’m proud of the man you have become.

    BTW, most of us can tell the difference between a metaphor and a literal analogy.

    • Hey Bill,
      That’s called “conflating” what JLW did with Tet and Howard Stern’s show. It wasn’t analogy or metaphor because it doesn’t work, and any English major could tell you. All the best!

      • Hey Rick,
        I suppose anything can be considered “conflating” if you take everything literally. Tet was important (then and now) because of its shock to the central nervous system of America.

        It wasn’t a shock that it failed (it would have been a shock if it had succeeded militarily), but rather that they were able to pull off something like it on that scale at all. One minute, we (politicians and American society) were comfortable in belief in our military invincibility. The next minute, we weren’t so sure (even though we never lost militarily while we were over there).

        The importance of Tet was as a turning point in American society.

        Anyway, I enjoyed the quibble.

  9. If the SEC plays football in the fall, they can take the cream of the remaining conference-cancelled teams, like Ohio State, Wisconsin, USC, Oregon etc, and add them to their schedule. And/or take the top players as transfers from those schools. No way the Pac and B10 will play in spring and fall 2021.

  10. Probably already mentioned but Stern gave into Hollywood PC a long time ago. It is important for his wife to mix with Hollywood A listers so he has to kiss butt and be PC. Hollywood Howie would be broke if his show started like this.

  11. Howard Stern jumped the proverbial shark a long time ago. I don’t know if it’s his wife, or all the therapy, or wanting to please his liberal friends, but he has become what he once despised. He still likes to think he’s a regular guy, though.

    A few months ago, he was whining about people in the Hamptons not wearing masks on the beach. Huh?

  12. Cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap cap.

    I don’t even know what the bleep I’m saying, but it does suddenly feel brave and daring.

  13. Jason Stern a joke as soon as he move to LA he had his balls cut off and that’s no Cap .IF you what the $$$$$$$$$ you say what the what you to say .Or the twitter Mob will come for you

    And it about time Clay called out the Blood sucking LAWYERS THAT REASON They’ll be no college football THIS YEAR and that no cap

  14. Eh. After watching the video, I wouldn’t put that on Stern. As the interviewer, he was trying to get the actress to tell a gossip story about her actor Ex. To pivot and turn her answer into a debate about free speech and racial issues would’ve been oddly out of place in that fluff interview. I think Stern gets a pass on this one.

  15. Well said, Jason. Stern has gradually lost part of his core audience, especially in the Trump era, where he has dismissed his voters as hayseeds. We’ve all known he’s never been “conservative”, but he had respect of many on the right for his anti-PC, middle finger to the hyper-offended mob. He spoke common sense, and was an equal opportunity offender (IMO, his height was during the old WWOR TV show days in the ’90’s, as well as after 9-11), and he tended to keep partisan politics to a minimum. Still, the list of groups who wanted him silenced was long (incl the FCC), so he took his act to satellite radio.

    And here we are today. He hasn’t a good word for Trump, so cancel culture leaves him alone. His show checks all the woke boxes…cowering to the media-approved political narrative like a weasel. Letterman went out the same way…a sad shell of his former self.

    • Yes. There are still occasional moments of humor on that show, but not at all like there used to be.

      I’ve pretty much quit listening nowadays because he’s a HUGE coronabro with all the whining about masks and praising Cuomo.

      But the PC-SJW stuff has been going on for a long time. And Quivers is the worst because she presents herself as the sophisticated and educated one and all she does is vomit back whatever the current PC trope is. Not an original thought at all out of her and she influences Howard.

  16. Don’t have a degree in history but I believe that the Tet Offensive waged by the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong was actually a military victory for the U.S. military and South Vietnam. The only loss about it was the viewpoint that Cronkite and the media had of the offensive and they intentionally misled the American public to believe it was a military defeat. I could be wrong but I believe the media had an agenda back then also.

    • Hey, they sure did have an agenda, and Tet was a huge militarily defeat (as I said above), but VC proved their point that there were no front lines in Viet Nam and used that psychological point to great advantage. Not to get too far afield, but as you know, the generals on the ground weren’t running the war; it was being done from Washington by Robert McNamara (SecDef) and his best and brightest.

  17. But I am 100% on board with the Fear/control aspect. Spot on. Truth. That’s why I have been going about my business as if nothing is happening. Working hard. Going to Church. Putting my Faith in something other than government.

    • This is what it’s all about at this point: saying and doing things for no other purpose but to perpetuate the panic and maintain control.

      Masks are solely intended as a reminder of the “crisis”. If people didn’t have to wear masks, most people would eventually stop and the panic would gradually die out because they wouldn’t see people dying with out them. So they mandate them to keep people worked up and force normal people to prove a negative.

      Same thing with college football. Big 10 and Pac 12 are blue states. Blue states want to keep the panic ratcheted up. Letting life go on as normal would show people that there is no “crisis”. Same as with governments trying to preemptively keep schools closed in some places. It’s such a bad “crisis” that you have to keep reminding people to be scared.

  18. Another great article. The silent majority needs to get thicker skin and stop allowing Twitter, the woke mob, etc shame us into silence. If we are doing the right thing there is no reason to be ashamed no matter what someone says.

  19. thought Stern was a lousy POS from the time he and his “crew” did comedy skits while the ‘Preppie murder’ trial was going on. I never tuned in his show again. He had two young daughters at the time and I remember thinking “what if this had been one of your daughters you scumbag?” I’m sure he would have been cool with some asshat radio dude making light of it. He should have stuck with having women calling in to his show while they were masturbating.

  20. It’s largely easy to manufacture fear in America because we have actually little to fear. We’ve neutered our instincts because we have it insanely easy here. It’s why I ‘m sure, people are actually still CHOOSING to move to Seattle.

    Caveman learned to trust their gut early on — the ones who could correctly discern real fear ran away from the dinosaurs and planned accordingly. The others ….well.

  21. We are at a crossroads in history. Fear has replaced courage as a virtue. Somehow the greater good has been defined as destroying lives, careers, opportunities to placate the new, culturally dominant Progressive Puritan religious cult.

    But keep this in mind. The chickens always come home to roost. The consequences of the massive economic and social disruption of the past five months have been temporarily mitigated by stimulus payments, government loans, schools not being in session and other factors. But the pain begins in earnest now. Millions of people are set to be evicted because they have not been able to pay rent. Thousands of small businesses are permanently closing. People cannot go to work because they need to stay home with their kids because schools are closed.

    The huge costs of Coronaparanoia and Fearporn are about to dumped right on our collective heads. Then what? Hopefully people will wake up, realize they’ve been lied to and flim-flammed by the Left and vote out the idiots who are pushing this public policy debacle down our throats.

  22. Jason — i offer one theory you haven’t addressed: On one hand, the college football players have said they want to play. On the other hand, they have issued demands and threats that strike fear in the hearts of college presidents. The players won’t sign Covid 19 wavers and will sue the universities if they have serious issues related to the virus. They want half the revenue. They want athletics salaries substantially reduced. They will hold the university hostage if these and other demands are not met. If I’m an administrator, I have this dilemma: ” I’m dependent on the revenue, but I can’t let football hold us hostage. Canceling the season gives me time to sort out all these complexities and figure out the future role of football in our universities. We exist for education, not for football.

    • Hey Herb,
      You’re being logical and reasonable…WTF? Just kidding, but I’m sure you know the signed waivers wouldn’t be worth the paper they’re printed on…”coercion”, screamed the student-athletes.
      Talk about “recruiting visits” to players homes, we’d have legal eagles (nah, that’s giving eagles a bad name)…we’d have “court carrion visits” to the parents of the athletes trying to sign ’em up for lawsuits against the school, the conference, the coach, the town/city…anybody connected to the football season if the kid got covid…the food truck owner outside the stadium…maybe he gave the kid covid?

  23. Jason, another great article. BTW, on Boeing, dump it. The question is not what Boeing stock going to do, it is can your money be doing something better somewhere else. I have been a big believer in Apple in particular since 2008. With the 4 for 1 stock split pending on 24 Aug, a moat of cash, stable sales during COVID, new products lined up in the fall, it is a great long term play. Dump Boeing.

  24. Great column by jw as usual but he’s missing something very key.

    Howard Stern was never about the freedom of speech he was about HIS freedom of speech.

    He didn’t go to war with the fcc so that all people could speak their mind without fear. He went to war so that he could be obscene on the air. So that he could have porn stars use sex toys live on the air and have orgasms on radio.

    He fought for his show. Period. If you ever thought he was a free speech warrior I think that you were mistaken to begin with. His caving isn’t much of a loss.

  25. I’ve been a huge fan of Howard Stern for years. I can barely listen to an hour now without massive disappointment. He was the best at one time. Your take on the Twitter mob impacting sports decision making (In my opinion) is correct. Hopefully something changes….

    Great job as always, really look forward to your articles.

    Grabbing a beef and fries at Bryan’ts today with a client!

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