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The Chiefs were rolling and then Patrick Mahomes injured his right ankle. By video, he suffered a high ankle sprain.

After initially staying in and finishing the drive, Mahomes was sent to the locker room for X-rays by his head coach. As expected, there was no fracture but also no panic by the Chiefs who were about to lead to a 98 yard touchdown drive with back up Chad Henne.

As expected, Mahomes returned in the second half but limped considerably. He missed some throws and did not run much but he was productive after the injury going 11-16 for 105 yards and a TD for a 107.6 QB rating.

Here is what to expect going forward. There is good and bad news.

The good news is that Mahomes finished the game. The bad news is that there is no way that he will be 100% and fully mobile in the AFC Championship game next week. No one doubts that he will try to play but there is worry for overnight swelling.

Five other quarterbacks suffered varying degrees of high ankle sprains this season alone including Mac Jones, Daniel Jones, Baker Mayfield, Ryan Tannehill and Trevor Lawrence. Jones and Lawrence were able to play next week but the other three missed an average of three games.

Mahomes penchant for changing arm angles and throwing off balance will help him continue to be play from the pocket effectively despite losing mobility. However, there is now way that he will be 100% next week. Even if the Chiefs get to the Super Bowl, Mahomes may not be fully mobile. Currently he carries a SIC score of 84 ( indicating he can play but will not be very mobile.

Let’s hope there is no additional swelling and Mahomes can play effectively next week. We all want to see teams earn their spot into the Super Bowl.

Written by Dr. David Chao

David Chao, MD -- known digitally as Pro Football Doc -- is an expert contributor for Outkick. Chao spent 17 seasons as the team doctor for the San Diego Chargers (1997-2013) and is part of the medical team at OASIS in San Diego where he treats and specializes in orthopedic sports injuries, working with high-profile professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

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