BLM 101: Together, We Can Educate Pro Athletes About Black Lives Matter

Monday I wrote a column explaining why I believe boycotting the NBA, the NFL and Major League Baseball because of their embrace of Black Lives Matter would be ineffective in changing the behavior of the leagues and the athletes. 

BLM, in my opinion, is immune to economic forces. The billionaires and countries bankrolling the nationwide anarchy are committed to offsetting the financial losses caused by BLM. 

My alternative to boycotting the leagues is a holistic approach of educating the athletes on what they’re actually supporting. BLM is Marxist, anti-religion, anti-nuclear family and racially divisive. 

As best I can, I’m going to write a daily piece highlighting the repugnant actions taking place under the Black Lives Matter umbrella. Via social media, I encourage you to copy the link to this series I’m calling “BLM 101” and send it to professional athletes. 

Black Lives Matter is a clever slogan. It’s a tremendous beard for wicked actions. If you care about America and love sports, help me educate the athletes. The truth is liberating. The mainstream media deny Americans the truth. Let’s share it.

Here’s BLM 101, Volume 1:

The New York Post wrote about a white Portland man who was dragged from his car by a BLM mob, beaten and kicked unconscious. Click here for the link to the NY Post story. 

Andy Ngo, an editor for The Post Millennial, posted video footage of the brutal assault on his Twitter feed. 

Defenders of Billionaire Lies Marxist will say one incident and one person can’t be used to discredit an entire movement. Come back tomorrow and I’ll share more. 

Please share the link to this story with a professional athlete. Do it politely, free of snark. Let the facts speak for themselves. Our goal isn’t to antagonize. Let’s educate. Keep the faith.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Jason, what an absolutely brilliant pivot you have suggested by leaning into athlete education. Very complex analysis of the situation and creative problem solving. I’ve know you were a special journalist for a while but you’re batting 1.000 since joining Outkick. Keep rocking.

  2. Second the brilliance of this strategy.

    I’ve given up trying to convince people of the err of their beliefs with facts and logic. They just don’t want to hear it. They need to come to these realizations on their own. Once they do, they are open to dialog.

    What a great way to expose them to the truth without the preachin’.

  3. Jason, I am going to share “BLM 101” with as many friends and family as I can in addition to athletes.

    I also want to note that it is not always easy to get people to watch/listen/read information that is not being spoonfed to them by their favorite propaganda machine (some family and friends love CNN, others MSNBC). Once they hear the name “Trump”, they shut down and get angry. With this being said, when I share “BLM 101” , I will do so without snark, and I will do so without saying “this is why you need to vote republican”. I will simply share the video and/or story, maybe giving a one word description at most (sad, disturbing, or some other adjective depending on story), and leave it at that.
    In fact, the only strategy I have learned in getting people to at least look at opposing points of view is to say something along the lines of “This concerns me for the future of children” (because even cult members care about children)
    Final point: All of your columns, taken together, can almost seem like a “Life in year 2020 101″….To reference your “Newspeak” column, we live in Orwellian times.

  4. Great idea Jason! The power of information and education most notably truth is such a hard thing to find nowadays despite the advancements of technology. I applaud your effort. I do feel the BLM movement had great potential in some much needed conversations and reform. Unfortunately it fizzled due to political interest which is really upsetting because the message is lost. If you truly believed in the BLM movement in terms of reform and change then realistically these athletes or anybody who supports it should be angered/annoyed that these folks have drowned out the movement with violence , cancel culture, judgement, and creating more segregation. I’d urge those athletes to read George Orwells book of 1984 and be weary of folks who try to control by media and force, it’s a slippery slope.

  5. I’m not easily impressed, but I am so impressed with Jason’s insight, creative problem solving, communication skills and just plain courage. This is a brilliant approach, but if you have ever tried to debate a far left winger, you know it is a huge challenge to get them to accept the truth. Good start though.

  6. ” Defenders of Billionaire Lies Marxist will say one incident and one person can’t be used to discredit an entire movement.”
    Is this not what they do too? Take a few incidents of evil and sell the tail of systemic racism.
    Those who CAN Teach. Can’t wait to get more.

  7. @Abel Carrasco
    This is absolutely fantastic:
    “In fact, the only strategy I have learned in getting people to at least look at opposing points of view is to say something along the lines of “This concerns me for the future of children” (because even cult members care about children).”
    If you don’t mind, I just might have to steal this tactic. Brilliant.

    Jason, I agree that education is the way to go. We just need to keep in mind that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. With your strategy there will be enough drinks around, let’s just hope they get thirsty.

    • Pam, hi, I don’t mind if you “steal” that tactic! haha!….and in all seriousness, as I am sure you already know, it is often hard to get BLM supporters to see evil in the BLM movement, no matter what “angle” you take. But we have to keep trying to save our country as well as remembering what Whitlock says, that “love begets love”

  8. Here’s some supporting material for Volume 2: the great John McWhorter, explaining — in his brilliant, sober and empirically robust way — the misconceptions and falsehoods which underlie modern anti-racism, which he aptly calls a secular religion.

    This is key: McWhorter — no conservative he, but a man genuinely interested in improving black lives as opposed to participating in victimization theater — emphasizes how BLM actually HARMS African Americans, by promoting the destruction of the family, the demonization and outright abolition of police, etc.

    • Anthony, that’s a great link to John McWhorter……..Thinking back to columns Whitlock has written, it is not surprising that we don’t see much of voices like McWhorter on tv. The racist liberal elites at CNN, MSNBC and other news media much prefer to feed butter biscuits to athletes like Malcom Jenkins than to engage with black intellectuals. The racist liberal elites like to control the narrative as they see fit. In “Liberal Land” the only black lives and black opinions that matter are the ones that they say matter.

  9. Hey Jason,
    You deserve a lot of credit for doing this, and for your approach to this most serious of issues.
    I see how you get hammered daily on twitter (not by all, but by too many). They see red when they read your words; they don’t hear you. And haters gonna hate; black or white, you’ll never change their minds.
    Best wishes,

  10. I respectfully disagree that losing money will not change the behavior of the NBA. The NFL dropped their divisive anthem protest campaign after ratings plummeted and polls indicated a marked increase in negative impressions of the NFL.

    I think economic pressure and the terrific idea you derived in today’s article are not mutually exclusive. Implementing both at the same time could have a salutary and synergetic impact, IMO.

  11. Showing an athlete some random dude getting kicked isn’t going to change them. I’d bet many would think this retribution is at least somewhat justified.

    I think these volumes should be about the lies being told about the cases they are pushing. Illustrate how “hands up don’t shoot” was a lie, never happened. Make them recognize Taylor’s boyfriend shot at the cops first. Have them see the names of the guys arrested with Floyd who calmly sat in the car and we unharmed.

    And here’s the thing, regular people blindly supporting these athletes will also see this in their feeds and maybe open their eyes to facts.

  12. Good article and good luck with that. These are the things that should have tought by their parents, coaaches and teachers. If not they should at least have the values and the forthought to do the research themselves before supporting BLM. It si to late now , they have to be cool and Woke. Maybe the next generation of athletes.

  13. Greatness Whitlock this is exactly why I became an Outkick VIP. In fact I would pay for another 10 VIP. I just support you all and I feel like I want to fight back for our Country that we all love. Keep fighting and keep telling the truth and we will continue to support you!!!


  14. Jason, I agree 100% with your approach. It is a brilliant strategy. However, I believe boycotting will also work because it hits their bottom line directly. The NFL is not run by a bunch of Marxist sympathizers, not is MLB. They will come around quickly if we hit them where it hurts. The jury is out on the NBA, but the Marxist billionaires in media and high tech will run from a failing business like rats from a burning ship. So let’s try to educate them while also hitting them where it hurts. It appears so far that NBA viewership this year is abysmal. Call it the “carrot and the stick” approach.

  15. Echoing the sentiments of many, YES! BLM 101 is a fantastic idea.

    What BLM has accomplished via the lockdowns and incredible George Floyd timing is initially very frustrating. The MSM did and continues to do what we’ve watched them do for decades now, although their current all time high level of America hating absurdity is due to their Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    After getting over my initial anger, I’ve come to realize that most of these athletes deserve a break for a couple reasons:
    1. their age – they’re quite young and have gotten where they are via traditional American values of hard work and focus. They haven’t had much, if any, opportunity to spend time trying to figure out ‘the news.’ and much less the tricks played on them via ‘the news.’ Some are lucky enough to have strong parental/coaching mentorship. Who among us didn’t say/do something(s) stupid in our 20’s? And believe very strongly at the time that we were RIGHT?!
    2, allowing them to express themselves, like it or not, is their right; and as they mature, get educated (BLM 101!) – most will likely see their errors in judgement now as well as the epic blessing of being an American.

    I can say from first hand experience, as a father of three sons in their 20’s, one of my sons in 2016 after Trump’s election, participated in a San Francisco ANTIFA March, had his picture in the paper carrying a “Not My President’ sign, with lotsa local support from the Bay Area looney tunes. However, it didn’t take long – less than a year – for him to figure out that these people were not really representing what they claimed to be, and were indeed intending evil on America. Today, my son is a huge supporter of our great President Donald Trump…

  16. Brilliant idea.
    Next installment- please expose the BLM founders and leaders in there own words. The video is everywhere of them saying they are trained Marxists and their goal is to take down the government, actually “burn it down” if they don’t get what they want. End the nuclear family.
    End Capitalism. Erase history and start over.
    They’re very clear about their intentions.

  17. Black Lives Mater flat out lies when they said this statement:” One incident and one person can’t be used to discredit an entire movement”. They use one incident, George Floyd, to discredit the entire Police Force of this Great Nation!!!! Go pound sand, you flippin’ hypocrites, BLM

  18. Thank you Jason for writing this column to provide enlightenment, wisdom, and guidance to our professional athletes. We love America, and we love sports. We have to make this effort to help them not be used in anti-American, divisive, political propaganda. We can’t just let sports become part of the #FifthCooumn.

  19. I’m not sure most of them even care about the facts i mean they live in this great country that has allowed them to become multi millionaires live a fabulous celebrity lifestyle playing a game yet they can’t show respect for our country for even a couple of minutes. You would think all things considered it would be self evident but it doesn’t hurt to try i guess.

  20. Jason assumes dialogue is possible — but I’m not buying it. Players are too emotionally entrenched in their positions and are praised daily for their “courage.” I don’t even think that reduced attendance, lower TV ratings, or less revenue matters to them. They will simply say to the owners: “We’re not playing for less, so you have to make up the difference. If you refuse, Mr. Owner, then that means you’re racist and don’t support BLM.” This would get the owners crucified in the press.

  21. It is amazing how easily people will follow and even deny what they know to be internally true. Nothing associated with this movement is based on logic or an actual end goal. I applaud you Jason for the approach you’re taking. You have inspired me to try and do the same. Please check out this video. Keep up the great work!

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