How A Florida Man Sank Three Holes-In-One In One Week

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It’s good to be Florida Man Jim Wolklin these days. Not only is he living the semi-retired life in Naples, just sucking down incredible amounts of pure Florida air while it’s miserable up north in New Jersey where he summers, but Jim, 68, is now the big swinging dick at golf courses around Naples after sinking three holes-in-one over a one week stretch.

Jim’s incredible hole-in-one run has gone down at Heritage Bay Golf & Country Club where he’s been dialed in and graced by the golf gods who have chosen Jim as the one who’ll get all the aces this winter.

His run from February 12-16 included:

• Aces the No. 13 on Heritage Bay’s Cypress course using an 8-iron from 144 yards out

• Three days later, sinks an ace on the Oak-Pine course with a 7-iron from 148 yards

• The next day, takes his wife out for a round with their friends. Jimbo then proceeds to rope a 9-iron from 130 yards out and aces another hole on the Oak-Pine course

“It’s regular rounds playing with friends,” Wolklin told the Naples Daily News. “I hit a good shot, and then it’s one or two bounces right in the hole.”

Oh, if you’re wondering, Jimbo now has 11 aces in his golfing career that included a stint as a high school golfer and at country clubs in New Jersey.

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The odds of a golfer sinking a hole-in-one, according to the National Hole-In-One Registry, is somewhere around 12,000 to 1. The organization also estimates golfers will play an average of 24 years of golf before sinking a hole-in-one. And the average handicap for golfers who have aces on their resumes is 14.

Next up for Jim would be to tie a golfing record for four holes in one in 30 days. The Registry says Nick Sica of New Castle, PA did it back in 2013. Jim still has several days to tie Nick for that incredible accomplishment.

Only one of Jim’s 11 hole-in-ones shows up on the registry. It was a Halloween day hole-in-one in 2018 at Stanton Ridge Golf Course in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey and his wife was along for the ride that day as well.

Don’t be discouraged if you’ve been playing golf for 30 years and you still don’t have an ace. Bryson DeChambeau got his first ace in 2019 at The Masters.

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