Houston’s Mullet-Rocking Equipment Manager ‘HAWK’ Dominates Bowl Season With Electric Gator-Rolling Kicking Tee Pick-Up

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If you are unfamiliar with Hawk, Houston’s kicking tee retriever, let this be your introduction. He is an electric factory.

Hawk, an equipment manager with the Cougars, pays homage to late legend Bill Lackey with his exhilarating antics. The former Oilers equipment manager, best known as Mojo, was in charge of getting the kicking tee off of the field between plays.

He would run out onto the field, dive onto the turf and grab the tee. As he got back to the sideline, Mojo would finish with a gator-roll. Speed, efficiency, and showmanship was his thing.

Today, Mojo’s spirit lives on through Houston’s Hawk

The college football legend gets after the tee with the same energy as his Houston counterpart— and an epic mullet.

Everything about Hawk’s kicking tee pick-up is glorious. The custom shirt, the hair, the all-out sprint, the dive and recovery, the gator roll. It’s perfect, and he is beloved by fans, coaches and players alike.

Hawk has been doing this for a couple of years now and it never gets any less invigorating.

On Friday, as Houston played Louisiana-Lafayette in the Independence Bowl, the eyes of the nation were on Shreveport, Louisiana. There, as he always does, Hawk perched himself on the sideline and was ready to go when called upon.

Considering that a large subset of folks may have been intently watching Cougars football for the first time, it was his time to shine— even in the freezing cold. Hawk got to reintroduce himself to the world, and he did so in style.

Somewhere, up in heaven, Mojo smiles down upon Hawk each and every game. On Friday, that smile was extra big as the Cougars beat the Ragin’ Cajuns in the final 30 seconds to finish 8-5 as Independence Bowl champions.

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