Houses Passes Laughable Bill Proposing To Make DC The 51st State

Finally, a state everyone can hate. Actually, Washington D.C. is pretty cool, if you remove the politicians who are trying to divide the country.

But if they continue to exist, they may as well have their own state. That said, it would take a miracle to make it happen, even after the Democratic-controlled House approved legislation that would make D.C. the 51st state.

Thursday’s party line vote of 216-208 is backed by the Biden administration. Of course, there is also opposition to the bill — and yes, from both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate.

“Proponents cast the bill as a civil-rights priority, saying the city’s residents deserve full self-rule and representation in Congress,” wrote Eliza Collins of The Wall Street Journal. “Critics call it a power grab by Democrats to gain two more senators and point to possible constitutional hurdles.”

None of this means the State of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth (as it supposedly would be called) is a sure thing. Far from it. This actually marks the second time the House has approved the idea, having failed to push it through in a 1993 vote. It passed last year, then never really brought up again.

“Republicans argue that Congress doesn’t have the authority to make D.C. a state with regular legislation, and instead it would require amending the Constitution, a much higher bar that requires ratification by three-quarters of the states,” Collins wrote. “They say the city is too closely tied to the federal government and too small to operate as a true state, and also charge Democrats want statehood to increase their voting power in Congress.”

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. It’s all just a distraction to keep people from ensuring their elections are up and ready in 2022. (That should be of focus from everyone, especially in swing states. Make sure electioneering doesn’t happen. Georgia has stepped-up. So has Montana, which had a too close for comfort Senate race.)

  2. Here is yet another “priority” that we the people were warned would occur during the election year 2020 if the Dems got power.
    Voters are getting what they deserve!
    Revolution and civil war is coming, folks. You had better believe it and get ready while you can.

  3. Washington, DC is the size of a small city…on land ceded to it by Maryland to make a federal district.
    DC can be absorbed back into the state of Maryland.
    A small city cannot become a state with 2 US senators.
    Don’t work that way…no matter how the left squeals and screams.

    • Rick, I was thinking about what you wrote. If this were to happen, what would prevent any administration that has control of all three houses voting to create city/states to guarantee 2 more Senate votes? Make LA, SF, Chicago, NYC all “states.” How completely awful this could all turn out.

      • Hey ChiefsGirl…they would need 2/3 majority…won’t get it. A new state can’t be created within the jurisdiction of another state…and Maryland ceded their land to create a federal district for purposes of giving “the government” their own property…but not their own “state”.

  4. I don’t believe DC will become a state. They’re trying to vilify anyone voting against this as racist for further money and power. Biden needs to lead, but sadly he is senile and is having his strings pulled by Harris to maintain power

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