Horse Named ‘Bold and Bossy’ Bucks Rider And Escapes First Official Race

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A hoof-loose horse was spotted fleeing from its first official race after the trained steed — named Bold and Bossy — bucked its rider and galloped up to Evansville, via Highway 41. The horse was safely found after escaping Ellis Park in Henderson County.

With the will of Mariah’s Storm and strength of Secretariat, 2-year-old Bold and Bossy traveled north to escape the life of a race horse — only to get caught and made to answer for her foal behavior.

A Tristate report followed up with the horse’s trainer, who brushed off the bucking once B&B was safely found in Vanderburgh County, near the Waterworks and Veteran’s Memorial Parkway.

Michael Ann Ewing, owner and trainer, shared the following, “You think of all the silly baby things that are going to go wrong. I didn’t think this. But she’s doing well. Thank God for all the people who jumped in to go find her.”

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