Hooters Waitress Accused Of Murder Offers To Pay Bond With OnlyFans Cash

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This might be the most absurd request to have a bond lowered of all-time. A former Hooters waitress asked a judge to lower her bond so that she could pay it with her OnlyFans cash.

Ashley Esselborn has been indicted for first-degree felony murder after allegedly cheering on the fatal beating of a man in May. Last week she asked Texas District Judge Jeff McKnight lower her bond from $100,000 to $50,000.

Hooters Waitress Accused Of Murder Offers To Pay Bond With OnlyFans Cash
Former Hooters waitress offers to pay bond with OnlyFans cash (Image Credit: Wichita Falls Police Department)

The 21-year-old claimed that she has at least $8,000 from nude photos alone in her locked OnlyFans account. She told the court that has been working with company to access her money. Her account appears to still be live, although it says she was last seen on May 24th. Monthly subscriptions to her content are $12.

Esselborn may very well still be trying to access her OnlyFans money, but it won’t be for a lower bond. The judge, despite her compelling argument of naked picture money in exchange for a lower bond, denied her request. Her bond had already been lowered to $100,000 from $1 million back in July.

The Old OnlyFans Cash To Pay Bond Trick

The former Hooters waitress is accused of cheering on Ronnie Lang, 18, and William Bell, 28, and Payton Collier, 27 as they beat Zachary Wood to death with a baseball bat. The group allegedly attacked the 23-year-old because they believed he had stolen drugs and cash from them.

Police have described the beating of Wood as a “massive bloodletting event.” That sounds horrific.

As far as Esselborn’s attempt to lower her bond using her OnlyFans cash is concerned, she had to try it. It might have even worked if she wasn’t facing first-degree murder charges.

The fact someone’s OnlyFans money was brought in court to ask for a lower bond shows you exactly where we are in the simulation. It’s not a great place to be, but the good news is we can only go up from here. Or at least that’s the hope anyway.

Written by Sean Joseph

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