Hooters Taking Heat From Waitresses Over New ‘Crotch String’ Uniform Shorts

A handful of Hooters waitresses have drawn a line in the ranch dressing with the wing-slinging restaurant over new shorts that were issued to waitresses as part of a uniform change that the iconic brand has introduced. The major complaint from the waitresses that are fuming mad on TikTok is that the new shorts are leaving them with wedgies due to the new “crotch string” shorts.

“The girls with more meat on their bones, it kind of just rides right up,” one server told NBC News. “You have a wedgie all the time.”

In a company policy obtained by the New York Post, workers were notified that “Starting Oct. 4, all Hooters girls should wear the new shorts when working once they arrive to stores.”

And it didn’t take long for the complaints to roll in.

TikTok user @TheFlatHootersGirlAs for , who gained notoriety by teaching TikTok viewers how she creates cleavage with an A-cup bra size, roasted Hooters for the new shorts. “This is why all the Hooters girls are upset — because this is not what I agreed to wear a year ago when I was hired,” Flat Hooters Girl said on a TikTok video.


Reply to @kat.abrramo so here’s what they look like on! I had to use a tape measure for my sizing and then I still couldn’t get them off after this video 🙂 #uniform #hooters #shorts #hooterstiktok #college #waitress #restaurant #hootersgirledition #OneSliceChallenge

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Another waitress, Giselle Nguyen, asks “What’s that supposed to fit?!?” while wearing her new shorts on TikTok. Several other waitresses on the social network have shared a similar opinion and credit the shorts for “half the Hooters girls” wanting to quit.

But it’s not all bad for Hooters. Out of 10 or so waitresses complaining about the shorts, there was one, a 22-year-old Eastern Kentucky University student named Amanda Adams who seemed to like the changes at the company. “I actually like the new shorts,” she says.

Hooters new uniforms
via gracie.herrick / TikTok

And then there’s waitress Gracie Herrick who has made several videos showing off the shorts. “For everyone saying the shorts aren’t different, look at the back,” she wrote.

If Herrick’s concerned about the shorts, she has an odd way of showing it. She’s uploaded four videos this week featuring the new shorts.

“The new uniforms were the result of a collaboration with Hooters Girls,” Hooters of America told NBC News. “These uniforms have been worn for months in several Texas markets and have received overwhelmingly favorable reviews from both Hooters Girls and customers.”

As for Flat Hooters Girl Kirsten, it’s unclear if she plans on quitting in protest over the “crotch string” shorts or if she’ll go with it until something bigger and better comes along.


for everyone saying the shorts aren’t different, look at the back #fyp #hooters #SoundcoreGoForGold

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