Hooters Shania Makes Big Calendar Announcement, Hurricane Ian Takes Out Lambo & RIP Coolio

Plot twist — today we’re starting with Dale Earnhardt horse racing in 1980

• Tim H. writes:

Here’s a Dale Earnhardt photo you’ve likely never seen that may be a nice addition to your daily Screencaps trip down memory lane.

1980 – the scene was Dover International Speedway.  That year the harness horses and NASCAR boys were both racing on the same weekend.  My old boss had the brilliant idea to have some Cup drivers get in a sulky and have a good old-fashioned chariot race. 

Dale Earnhardt, Bobby Allison, Cale Yarborough and Darrell Waltrip raced as competitively as you might expect.  That is Dale on the outside.  The winner of the race by a nose was Bobby Allison.

That’s Dale Earnhardt in control of the 4 horse. / Submitted photo: Tim H.
Dale Earnhardt doing a post-horse race interview with Fox’s Mike Joy / Submitted photo: Tim H.

In 2019, Mike Joy recalled that day at Dover for Fox. What we don’t see in the Fox piece is video footage of Dale doing his interview with Joy. A quick Google search reveals that before today’s edition of Screencaps, there was only one known photo of that event and it’s from the Getty Images archive.

This woodpile subject has Screencaps talking…just when you think a subject won’t take off, the power of this community shows up

• JT writes:

Hi Joe,

Thanks as always for the daily dose of awesomeness and the wonderful first-world problems presented for us to puzzle over.

First, I’m so happy Sean is asking about stacking wood I can barely contain myself. I just finished my Fall project for this year which was converting a section of fence line into a woodshed. I set poles in 6 feet behind the existing fence, removed the fence panels, extended the preexisting fenceposts, and framed up a pergola style roof which I covered with basic asphalt panel roofing from Lowes.

Then I used pickets for the walls and voila! My fence is a woodshed. If Sean is in New York I’m thinking his climate is a lot like Ohio just more so. You definitely want to keep that woodpile covered, but building a shed for half a cord is kind of overkill, especially if this is his first winter.

I would find a spot easy to get to when there’s a foot of snow on the ground, put down a tarp, make a neat stack (you can do a cross-stacked square or a traditional straight row, doesn’t matter), and cover it with whatever tarp style was somewhat inconspicuous. But then, I’m a little barbaric and like to run a simple system a while before I decide how I really want something.

By the way, Joe, I’ve been a millennial this whole time, shout-out to Griff who clearly developed his literary style and tongue-in-cheek humor on the coffee house scene of the late 90s and early 00s like I did. I have an essay on the subject of doing hard things to recommend since I missed the original discussion. Just search “become good soil/castration” and it’ll pull right up. Anyway, I think if guys want to discuss Hilde’s belly button it’s every bit as valid as the finer points of craft vs value beer. Full disclosure, the only booze in my garage fridge is a bottle of Johnny Walker and some raspberry stuff from a local winery, so my personal knowledge of craft beer is equal to my personal knowledge of Hilde’s navel. I can only look on and marvel at the wonder of creation. 

Just one more thing I promise, playlists! When I have to roll out at midnight heavy metal just works, on the other hand, a Saturday morning run to Lowes just begs for some Walker Hayes. Otherwise, I’m a big fan of paranormal talk radio. I keep an active subscription to two different late-night talk shows. Clyde Lewis is my favorite followed by classic Art Bell shows and then whatever the current Coast to Coast is. Not a true UFO believer myself, but the fringe culture is fascinating and there’s probably an abduction scenario that could explain the whole Hilde belly button thing very neatly.

An Autumn of the Patio music game suggestion

• Jeremy P. in Alpharetta, GA writes:

As we transition from the Summer of the Patio to the Autumn of the Patio my wife and I came up with a new game on our 7-hour ride back from Florida this week. I wanted to throw it out to the Screencaps community and see what they think.

As you’re sitting around the patio with friends this fall, designate someone to connect their phone to the Bluetooth speaker and have them play songs from their iTunes library on shuffle. No playlists or Spotify or Pandora. Just all the songs that person has bought and paid for in their library.

You’re gonna get a Christmas song, an embarrassing Brittany Spears song you bought 10 years ago, and everything in between. Then as your group of friends is enjoying their macro or microbrews they can harass the person for their song choices.

Maybe change it up once every 30 minutes or hour and let someone else connect to the speaker and get heckled. We did this on our ride home and my wife made fun of my Pentatonics Christmas album and a couple of Camilla Cabello songs I had in my library. I got to tease her about all the Tim McGraw songs she has since she had a crush on him in college. It made the drive more tolerable and fun. Let me know what you guys and gals think. Thanks so much.

Wait a minute, Jeremy P. paid for Camilla Cabello songs?

That deserves an explanation.

Jeremy writes back:

Haha I wonder why I did too. I just liked them at the time. No excuses.

We’re starting to run out of Hilde emails

• Chaz G. in Toluca Lake, CA might get the last word on this subject:

You do a great job on the selection of women for screencaps. Just not understanding the issues others have regarding Hildee. Common on guys, if one is so focused on the belly button they clearly are missing the rest of her beauty.

Also, as for the belly button – ‘an outie’ – this can occur as a result of childbirth according to medical information listed.

To quote Dicky V. – ‘she is a PTPer, baby!’ – a Prime Time Player!

When you establish the ‘Hall of Fame’ for screencaps, Hildee will be a unanimous, first-ballot nominee.

At what temperature do you bring in your patio TV?

• Steve F. writes:

Avid reader of SC for the last couple of years, so forgive me if I’ve missed this. This summer, I added the vaunted Patio TV to our household. But, thanks to humid Illinois summers, it hasn’t gotten as much use as I’d like.

And, as always, we quickly shifted to “False Fall” this week with a 37° overnight temp after heat indexes of 100°+ last week. My question is pretty simple for the Patio TV crowd: Do most people bring their Patio TV in for the winter, and at what temp do you make that decision? Now I’ve gotta go mow.

Patio Season expert Diesel R. in Lambertville, MI writes:

Sustained temps below 40 consistently which usually coincides with the Michigan Ohio state game annually lol. That means highs. So basically around December 1. We have been outside on thanksgiving before watching the parade cause it was 50 with the fire going. It’s all weather driven.

Best Buy tipping drama might’ve been answered

• Bob in Arizona writes:

Greetings from a former Michigander and now a 48th state resident. 

My son’s part-time college job is at a retail Best Buy store. His reply about tipping, “It’s for Best Buy’s teen tech centers. The program allows customers to donate money and help bring technology to underserved schools/children.” 

Thanks for all your great work with Screencaps! 

I took a look into this Teen Tech center thing and while it’s admirable, something stood out on the site promoting the teen tech centers.

“Demography shouldn’t define destiny. We see a future in which every young person has the technology, training and mentorship needed to achieve their potential and pursue their dreams.

Meanwhile, if you look where Best Buy is filtering these Teen Tech Center dollars, it doesn’t look like the Best Buy Woke & Diversity Department has much interest in the Native Americans of this country. Call me crazy, but there are very few of these places in areas that aren’t urban cores.

You know, maybe build one of these things in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Hurricane coverage

• Don McC. sent in an update on Screencaps legend Brianna Ruffalo. She’s added glasses to her forecasting arsenal:

And with that, we’re ready to roll.

It’s Thursday. Feels like Friday. We’re running out of TNML nights, so keep the pedal down. Go have a great day and let’s end this week and September on a high note.

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