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It was a big night at Coachella

If you have any nostalgia towards Blink 182, hammer the play button on this one before the Coachella people hammer this with a cease and desist. I’d have to check with OutKick’s ‘Gunz,’ who happens to be a Blink superfan, but I have to believe this is the first time these guys have played together at an event in well over a decade.

Speaking of bringing back the old days, look at what some genius accomplished

Just think about pulling up to a stop light and busting out a 1993 factory car phone right out of the center console. I know many people are concerned that America is losing a step in STEM, but never forget that there are guys out there crushing beers and thinking up great achievements like making a 30-year-old car phone functional again.

This kind of stuff should be celebrated and it’s Screencaps’ duty to recognize real men of genius.

Take 11 minutes today and enjoy this technological masterpiece.

Question for Screencaps readers re: Elizabeth Hurley

• Harvey D. in Toledo asks:

Will Elizabeth Hurley be our generations Sophia Loren? Talk amongst yourselves.

I myself believe so. 

The Ts are back to being road dawgs

• Mike T. sends this shot of the Cascades on what I assume is a Washington trip for he and Cindy T.

10U baseball parent chart

• Tim T. in Tennessee writes:

I’ve been coaching for 3 years now, this is pretty accurate.


Good luck to all the travel ball teams traveling this weekend. Bring home those World Series rings!

Early 1990s rock concerts

• Heath McK. writes:

Once again, you have struck a chord with me. I was 15 when that chart you shared in today’s Screencaps. I saw some of those bands in 1992 when I was 16, but only one of them was a stadium tour.

Did you happen to see Guns N’ Roses and Metallica when they went on tour summer 1992? They had Faith No More opening, and when my cousin and I saw the full page ad in the newspaper, we couldn’t believe our eyes. I still maintain that it was one of the biggest co headlining tours of all time. I saw them in Orlando and it was one of the greatest concerts I’ve ever been to. All three of those bands are still some of my favorites.

1992 is still one of the biggest years of music for me, and even though alternative was king, and I loved it, I really got into heavy metal. I saw Pantera in late 92 with a little known band at the time called White Zombie opening. Pantera is still my favorite metal band of all time, and yes, I’m gonna go see the new version, even without Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul. This meme kind of sums up where I was at in 1992 as all my friends were on the alternative bandwagon, and I was completely on board the thrash metal train.


1992 was still too early for my concert prime. Text group superstar Canoe Kirk was just telling the group Friday about how he saw the GnR, Metallica and Faith stop at the Silverdome in 1992 and how Metallica stole the show. He said you couldn’t understand a single song from Faith.

I can report that I saw White Zombie at Hara Arena (RIP to one of rock’s greatest pole barns) in Trotwood, Ohio in ’94, I believe. What an incredible floor scene. Between the insane concerts and the Toughman Contest where people would sign up to fight each other in a ring, Hara truly was a special place during my formative years.

Those reading from the Dayton area know exactly what I’m talking about.

• JD in Wichita wants in on this Build Your Dream 1991 Stadium Rock Concert challenge:

I totally understand the Metallica and Guns call and respect it.

But I was never a huge Metallica fan. And while GNR is one of the best rock bands in history, I would not see that show in 1991. Those were the days Axl would make the audience wait literally hours before he felt ready to go on stage, and according to some reports, would be watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie while he did so.

My choices…..

  1. AC/DC – $50:              You could never go wrong with booking an AC/DC show. You knew every song, Brian banged on the big bell, they shot off the cannons, and Angus never stopped shaking that leg and doing the best duck walk of all time (aside from Chuck Berry of course);
  1. Van Halen – $40:       Yes, it was Van Hagar at this point. But damn, they had just released the “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” album (which included the still killer “Poundcake”), Eddie was in great form, and the band was having fun and riding high.
  1. Soundgarden – $10: This one is too good to pass up for $10 and totally justifies not picking two of the $50 bands. In 1991, Soundgarden released Badmotorfinger, one of the greatest bangers of all time. Give me “Rusty Cage”, “Outshined”, and “Jesus Christ Pose” live for $10 all day long.

Dang, that was fun!

Kudos to Diesel.


Ah, but there’s a catch, JD. Let’s remember that Badmotorfinger was released October 8, 1991. The only reason Soundgarden didn’t make my list was because I feel like people didn’t have enough exposure to the band before that album came out and went nuts.

Talk about nuts, let’s not forget the album run that fall:

Don’t give up on the Reds

• Mark P. in Indiana writes:

Joe; Reds are only 3 1/2 back (as of 4/14) and that is after playing challenging road games at Atlanta and Philly plus we have the Rays in town Mon, Tues , Wed and i think our 3 young stud pitchers lined up against them.  Should be interesting to watch that series… Well until the 7th inning when the bullpen takes over.  Dont give up hope!!!

Want your take on the what seems to be an influx of 70’s and 80’s rock and roll songs into the advertising mainstream and how to handle it. I am in my late 50s and hearing the Jefferson Starship song “Built this City” for a toilet cleaning ad really confused me.  I am NOT a JS fan and not really a fan of the song but damn making that connection between an often played song in the 80s and cleaning a toilet just really confused me…. am i getting old? 

Should humming the song after the commercial is over be wrong?  I know more are on the way so i need to be prepared.  Anybody else have an example that i cant think of???


MY Reds lost again last night and now they’re in the cellar and 4 1/2 back. As if that’s not bad enough, scroll down to see what happened to the ball boy down the right field line last night against the Phillies.

TNML and beer

• Beer man Bill L. in Nebraska is back with more beer and updates to his patio:

Thanks for being a beacon of positive in your corner of the internet. The mowing league beers are on tap and ready for post yardwork consumption. Raspberry jalapeno blonde, which you’ve had, and Green tea pale ale, which was my first competition winning beer 10yrs ago. The deck has been redone in composite but all we did for it was write a big ass check, complete with a new fire table that I put together.

The TV is hung and now watching baseball outside can commence. Our yard will not be ready to mow in time for opening day. It’s just now starting to get green since it’s been horrificly dry. I’ve never turned on the sprinklers so soon in the season. Either way, I hope coaching youth baseball goes well for you and your yard is the envy of the neighborhood. 

Are any of you guys in the market for a car that can’t spy on you?

I had an interesting conversation last night with former OutKick guy Ryan Glasspiegel who has been steadfast in his belief that there’s a big run on cars pre-2010 when auto manufacturers started using chips and started spying on drivers.

Now it is my mission to see if any of you are buying cars specifically based on the fact that they don’t have monitoring software.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

And with that, Saturday is in the books. I have a baseball practice to run and then a water balloon battle to referee later this afternoon when it’s 84, sunny and I’m posted up on the patio listening to music while Mrs. Screencaps is out and about.

Go have an incredible weekend. I don’t have time to waste. It’s supposed to snow here Monday.

Take care.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

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