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I had multiple people send me this video…thank you for having your heads on a swivel unlike the dads seen here

Yes, I already posted it Tuesday afternoon.

While the video is insane, the details from both sides of the fight are even more insane. What were the chances that neighborhood dads ended up challenging ex-MMA fighters…to a golf course fight.

Talk about wrong place at the wrong time.

This did not end well for the dads.

Will AI kill jobs or will society adapt & create new jobs from the technology?

Luckily, we have an assoiate professor of economics to give us an academic look at this dilemma we find as AI starts to put people out of work.

• Jared P. writes:

While I cannot give exact numbers with the disruption A.I. will cause in the labor market without an empirical model, I can confidently state that we should not fall victim to the lump of labor fallacy. The lump of labor fallacy states that there is a fixed amount of labor (e.g., workers, hours, or both) in an economy that is redistributed among workers.

It is commonly linked to the Luddite Fallacy, which suggests that technological increases that improve the productivity of workers will result in less employment (see here for a brief history of the Luddites).

Fortunately, economic history has shown that increases in technology, of which A.I. is one, make society wealthier by increasing productivity, which increases the amount of goods and services produced. Economists can point to the last 250 years as an example. This period has seen the most technological progress, the most goods and services produced, the greatest wealth in history, a growing population, and increased employment. If the lump of labor fallacy and the Luddite fallacies were true, we should have seen a decrease in employment during this time. Therefore, we should be bullish about the long-run employment potential.

However, it is true that A.I. will cause a dislocation in the labor market. Just as machines took jobs from textile workers in the 19th century, A.I. will destroy jobs and the dislocation will not be evenly distributed throughout the labor force. For example, I suspect lower skilled jobs in H.R. and coding will disappear relatively quickly whereas many trade jobs will be safe.  What the new jobs created by A.I. will specifically look like is unclear in the present. They will probably service sector jobs, more trade jobs, and jobs that require interpersonal skills.

What to do then? I think there are three clear paths. First,  train in the trades if that is where you are skilled. While technology has improved dramatically in these areas, we are not automating these jobs any time soon and there is a great demand for and low supply of these workers.  Second, improve your interpersonal skills. Learning how to work with people is vital in a workplace. Lastly, learn how to use A.I. to become more productive. As an economics professor, I am starting to shape my courses to include assignments that can use A.I. to improve analyzing data and writing. 


Thanks to Jared for his analysis. He knows exactly when to reel me back in on a subject and put the academic spin on things.

Speaking of AI, have any of you used it to plan a trip? I am intrigued by the power of this technology in finding deals and even thought about using it when I was throwing together our Florida trip. Of course TikTokers beat me to it.

Beer inventory during these tough times for Bud Light

• Duncan N. in Georgia writes:

Went to pick up some beer today, and there was plenty of Bud Light in stock. The beer with very little inventory? Yuengling. I planned on getting some Flight (based on a nightcap’s recommendation) but $15 for a 12 pack seemed pricey. Instead I picked up some golden Pilsner for $12. I will be crushing these at the pool all summer! 


Did you buy a Kanga cooler? They sent me those coolers years ago to serve as giveaways. Honestly, I could not believe my eyes around Spring Break when I was seeing Kanga Facebook ads. I figured those guys ran out of money years ago.

Is this true?


Many of you have started businesses or run businesses.

Is there a motivation method that you’ve found that works for those employees who fall into the “Don’t Care” camp besides telling them they’re soon to be unemployed?

Have you ever driven by a prospective employee’s house to see how he/she maintains his/her property and used it as part of your hiring analysis?

TNMLer needs a ruling?

Is this illegal?

• Kevin S. writes:

Here is how I mow part of my yard in Toboso OHIO. 

Temp fence, cattle eating = $ cash in my pocket for grass fed beef. Went from 3 hours of mowing down to 30 min. 

Kevin added:

I may ot may not be 4 or 5 into non-Bud Light Yuengling beers. But here is a better one to show my set up. Looking $6.50/lb hanging weight growing there.


Completely LEGAL.

I’d be curious how the No Mow May crowd would react to this. I’ll post it on social later today to see if any of the No Mow maniacs have the balls to say something about not thinking about the bees.

• Paul B. writes:

This No Mow May thing is funny to me because it’s coming at a time where I finally got my bee problem solved (hopefully) and my first Thursday mow is coming up on Star Wars day. I finally got a competent bee guy and he removed a hive of 10k bees he estimated. The other bee guys I had coming out didn’t do their damn job correctly. It’s been going on for a few years now. Get rid of them for a couple of months and then they come back. This time the guy painted over the area to block the pheromones. Anyway, I’ll be happy to get back out there.


When I start to see headlines like this on Google I begin to wonder how far off mandatory ‘No Mow May’ is for at least 1-2 villages in the United States.

Oh, it’s not mandatory? Thanks. I’m sure local residents were beginning to wonder when they would start living like Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, etc.

Not yet, folks. Soon? Stay tuned.

JT is adament about building a massive conservatory off my family room for Mrs. Screencaps

I love when JT writes in because he’s always up to something and always has a crazy project in the works — #notsponsored

• JT writes:

Joe I read you every day… Still ready to travel to OH for Mrs. Screencaps dream room when you’re ready.

Were heading to Sea Island, Georgia in a few weeks. We’re all Boston born and raised so I’m likely to melt in the heat, but it should be fun. I’m open to any good recco’s while we’re down there. I always treat the guys to a couple nice meals but we’re also seen in a dive bar on occasion. If anyone knows the area we’re happy to hear from locals what the best places to unwind are.

This project is getting a feature in New Hampshire Home Magazine. Nice to see our hard work is getting some shine: https://www.sunspacedesign.com/two-tier-oceanfront-conservatory-hampton-nh/

I hope you have an awesome summer, it seems like spring is starting off as perfectly as one could want from your updates. Hit em straight and sink those birdie putts next time!


Look at all that natural light I could have on one side of the conservatory while Mrs. Screencaps is doing graphics on the other side of the conservatory. True story: We drive by a house here in Perrysburg and without fail Mrs. Screencaps will tell me how much she loves the conservatory at the house.

I don’t even have to prod her about the conservatory. She never misses it when we drive down River Rd.

Now, while I’m off trying to figure out the costs to install a ceiling full of windows over our family room, one of you help JT with Sea Island, Georgia.

(Is that glass Doodle noseprint proof?)

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

Where are the Johnny Carson fans?

Bro Code

• Cameron H. got this one in at the very last second this morning:

Love the content…view it every day.

Here’s a sign in the bar bathroom in northern KY…bro code.

Question for Anonymous #1 and his Masters check

• Vince A. writes:

Wondering why anonymous couldn’t have deposited the check using his phone/banking app and still framed it. I’d love to know his/her answer.

• John C. in Bowling Green, KY had a similar message:

Pro tip for Anonymous, who wanted to display his Masters check instead of depositing.  He can mobile deposit the check and retain possession so he can display it.

Thanks for the TNML decals!  They are a mower upgrade rivaled only by mulching blades.


There you go, Screencaps readers ALWAYS have their head on a swivel. If you get a Masters check, you can deposit the money AND keep the souvenir!

Mike T. just won’t stop emailing me food from Mexico that drives me crazy

• T. writes:

Sonorita Al pastor, one root canal today, oral surgery tomorrow and 1 more root canal!

That’s it for today. The rain is finally supposed to leave Ohio around noon and spring has sprung 2.0 is supposed to be on. We have our final 10U practice tonight before Saturday’s opening day celebration followed immediately by an 11 a.m. first pitch in front of what should be a packed park. Hope the kids are ready to play on a big stage.

Let’s go have ourselves a day.

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